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C3 Church Springfield is one of three C3 church sites across Brisbane. We are a Spirit-empowered people focused church in the South West region of Brisbane. Here you will here faith filled messages from Site Pastors Matt and Chrioni Hickson as well as other guest speakers.


The Holy Spirit // Matt Hickson
2019 Sep 1242m 28s
Part 1 - Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?
Building Strong Friendships // Gordon Moore
2019 Aug 0731m 53s
Ps Gordon talks about investing into our relationships
Person of Prayer // Matt Hickson
2019 Aug 0734m 9s
Ps Matt talks about the importance of who we are when we pray. Who we are will determine who we see God as.
Love // Chrioni Hickson
2018 Oct 1625m 14s
Chrioni inspires and challenges us to love like Jesus loves.
The Gospel // Matt Hickson
2018 Oct 1641m 57s
In this message, Matt lays out the good news and what makes it so life changing.
Called to make a Difference // Tony Peterson
2018 Oct 1627m 38s
This month we are talking about the life that Jesus has called us to live. A life that reaches out to others with love, compassion and generosity.
Your Words // Chrioni Hickson
2018 Oct 1632m 52s
In this message, Chrioni talks about the power that our words have over our present and future.
Love One Another
2018 Aug 1417m 44s
In an age where we're more connected digitally, we need to relearn how to build real relationships God's way.
Matt Hickson – Wrestle
2018 Jul 2534m 3s
At the core of the Christian faith is a relationship between God and His people made possible through Christ. This relationship is not passive, but active and dynamic. In this podcast, Ps Matt Hickson unpacks what this relationship looks like.
Tony Peterson 150718 Prayer
2018 Jul 1525m 8s
Tony Petersen gives insightful wisdom on drawing near to God through prayer.