When it rains on Jupiter
  • Eboni and Olivia
3 episodes
The Midwest is a paradox. Split by seasons and in the polls. By city and country. It is both within and without. This podcast comes from the perspective of two friends raised here. A podcast for questioners. For ourselves. Topics include politics, religion, college, young adulthood, media, pop culture, family. And anything else you’re not supposed to talk about with company.


The Mundane and the Supernatural
2020 Jul 2929m 43s
This episode of when it rains on Jupiter hosts Eboni and Olivia end up talking about the mundaneness of living during a pandemic and how just simply going to the market can be seen as a fun activity. Also the topic of ghosts and the supernatural is examined briefly and most importantly both Eboni and Olivia foreshadows going to their first ever satanist event so stay tune for part 2
The Future as we know it
2020 Jul 2428m 53s
The Future As We Know It. A short phrase with endless possibilities. Listen as hosts Eboni and Olivia untangle what this phrase means for them. This is an unscripted, thoughtful episode packed with meaning, hope, and joy. As always, by the Midwest. For the Midwest.
The Genesis
2020 Jul 1132m 8s
Episode 1 of When it Rains on Jupiter introduces us to Eboni and Olivia. Listen as they discuss everything from the vision for the podcast, the history of their friendship, high school woes, and the Enneagram. This podcast comes from the perspective of two college graduates in the midst of a year we’ll all never forget.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.