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  • Diante Richardson
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Bringing you THE REAL on current topics, lingering issues, and room for improvement for your listening pleasure!


Ban on Abortion
2019 May 211h 7m 42s
Deann & D'Rich share their opinions on the newly passed "Heartbeat" Bill which has essentially made abortion illegal in several states. Join the NWO crew as they dive into the many layers of this highly controversial topic. Enjoy!
What's Love got to do with it? Part 2
2019 Apr 301h 12m 26s
We continue into the discussion of the current state of relationships by touching on Cheating, Break Up to Make Up, and it's lasting effects! Enjoy!
What's Love Got to do with it?
2019 Apr 241h 17m 6s
A discussion on the current state of Love in 2019!!
Is the Black Community our biggest enemy?
2019 Apr 161h 19m 43s
On this episode of Negus With Opinions Podcast, the co-hosts dive into the subject of self-hate; from the crabs in the bucket mentality to issues of complexion. Deann & D'Rich bring you THE REAL on areas the black community is struggling using current topics as well as movie and music references to give a broad perspective of the issue at large. ENJOY!
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