• Todd Williams & Steve Graning
45 episodes
Two American misfits moved to Europe in the 1990s and watched the world change. Join Todd & Steve as they retrace the events that brought them from California and Illinois to the Wild Wild West of Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Along the way they answer questions like: Should you fear the police? What happens to rock bands at borders? And what are the best ruin pubs in Budapest? So tune in each week for a new episode of the 011 Podcast.


011 Podcast #45: Don't Clink Your Beer Glass
2021 Apr 191h 5m 21s
Ever wondered how your country looks to an outsider? Todd & Steve recount the historical legends and myths they have been told about Hungary and what it says about their adoptive home.
011 Podcast #44: Privacy Under Attack
2021 Apr 0545m 9s
Everyone believes that Big Tech is intruding on our private lives, but how far does it go and how did we get here? Todd & Steve explore the world of conspiracies, government secrets, and exploding candy.
011 Podcast #43: The World's Language
2021 Mar 2144m 23s
The people of Earth have chosen English as its language of communication. Will it be the world's last lingua franca? How will the language itself change in the coming years? And will it eventually be surpassed or made obsolete? Join Todd & Steve on The 011 Podcast.
011 Podcast #42: Chimney Cake
2021 Mar 0745m 2s
Now and forever. What would a time traveler from 1994 recognize about Budapest today? Todd & Steve take an inventory on what places and experiences (but mainly food) still exist three decades later.
011 Podcast #41: Changing perspectives on sensitive issues
2021 Feb 2855m 52s
Todd & Steve talk about how the public discourse has changed around topics like homosexuality, racist team mascots, safe spaces and much more on this week's 011 Podcast.
011 Podcast #40: Greed is kind of okay
2021 Feb 2148m 57s
The little guy is fighting back against the corporate giants on Wall Street and the world has a case of investment fever. Will it lead to revolution? Find out on this week's 011 Podcast.
011 Podcast #39: Families drifting apart
2021 Feb 1432m 20s
Why are American families known for being looser-knit than Europeans? Todd & Steve talk about family reunions, eloping, and how close they are to their second cousins.
011 Podcast #38: America's unique brand of violence
2021 Feb 0739m 37s
How did America's culture of violence facilitate the attack on the Capitol Building in Washington DC? Todd & Steve share personal stories from their past and connect them to what they saw during the outrageous coup attempt by Trump supporters.
011 Podcast #37: The evolution of the green movement
2021 Jan 3146m 54s
Join Todd & Steve as they dive into garbage, pollution, conservation and other topics that make up the sprawling issue of environmentalism. The guys discuss polluters, psychology, fluffy animals and The Skeptical Environmentalist on this week's 011 Podcast.
011 Podcast #36: I ain't no expat!
2021 Jan 2442m 48s
Foreigner, immigrant, expatriot or just a citizen of the world. Todd & Steve argue about how to define a controversial term. They then wonder if a different part of the world now resembles the Eastern Europe they discovered in the 1990s or if people just don't wander like they used to.