Not That Michael Moore
  • Michael Moore
5 episodes
Once the host of the fastest growing podcast in the U.S., Michael stopped producing material in 2016 after the tragic suicide of his only son. Now back, better than ever Michael discusses his loss, his time off, and his new life on an island in the South Pacific. Michael discusses topical issues, strange facts, and pet peeves with wicked wit and salacious humor.


Season 2 Episode 5
2020 Nov 0533m 48s
Special Edition CTE and Suicide; My Story of the Death of My Son
S2 E4
2020 Nov 0535m 32s
2020 Nov 0530m 38s
Episode 3 Michael talks about THC and Cancer, Drug Laws in the Philippines and Getting Drugged and Robbed in Vietnam.
2020 Nov 0533m 22s
Michael talks about the Election, FB scams, the NFL and the Darien Gap.
MERGED Season 2, Episode 1
2020 Oct 2254m 3s
THIS IS THE MERGED VERSION. Michael talks about his return and new life on an island in the South Pacific. Topics include social division and responsibility, True Love, Praying, Things You Didn't Know.
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