• Zach Silberberg
16 episodes

We Pod A Zoo is an in-depth look at a strange but ultimately charming little movie: Cameron Crowe’s 2011 masterpiece, We Bought A Zoo. Hosted by Zach Silberberg, each episode features a new guest experiencing the film for what is perhaps their first time, bringing with them their reactions, expertise, and 20 seconds of insane courage.

This podcast is in no way affiliated with Cameron Crowe or Benjamin Mee, although they are always welcome to come on the podcast, provided they have seen the movie.


Episode 15: Going In Blind w/ Maddy Gross
2021 Feb 251h 18m
This week, in a very experimental We Pod A Zoo, comedian Maddy Gross joins the show without having seen the 2011 film We Bought A Zoo and attempts to guess its entire plot based solely on what they've gleaned from memes and tweets. What do they get shockingly right? What do they get embarrassingly wrong? What do they ultimately think of the film when it comes time to sit through it? And what the hell is a Zoo Ghost?
Episode 14: Is We Bought A Zoo Queer Cinema? w/ Megan Pope
2021 Feb 181h 1m 56s
Megan Pope joins the pod this week to dissect We Bought A Zoo (2011) from a queer perspective. Is anything about this film explicitly or implicitly gay? Are any of the cast and crew (besides, obviously, trans icon ScarJo)? Can this film enter the gay canon? Please excuse the 10-minute rabbit hole where we furiously e-stalk a background actor to see if her instagram hints at her sexuality.
Episode 13: Alex Dobrenko's Therapy Session w/ Alex Dobrenko
2021 Feb 111h 3m 9s
Actor and comedian Alex Dobrenko joins us today to talk about his relationship with We Bought A Zoo (2011), fatherhood, families, and life. In an episode that rapidly evolves into deeper conversations on what it means to learn from your parents without becoming them, and how to prepare for your first child, Alex maps the anxieties of Benjamin's parenthood onto his own experiences. What is selfish as a parent? What does “buying a zoo” mean in real life? What should Alex name his son? This is truly a We Pod A Zoo unlike any other.
Episode 12: The Women of We Bought A Zoo w/ Ena Da
2021 Feb 041h 9m 14s
This week, Ena Da joins the show to talk about all the ways We Bought A Zoo fails its female characters. Why are the male characters so much more developed? Why do so many women’s storylines revolve around men? Does the movie pass the Bechdel Test? How many of the animals are female??? We Bought A Zoo (2011) is decidedly not a feminist masterpiece.
Episode 11: The Definitive Animal Ranking w/ Sarah Black
2021 Jan 281h 45m 1s
This week, in the first episode of 2021, we have at long last delivered on what the people have been demanding: a definitive ranking of every animal that appears in the 2011 film We Bought A Zoo. Who will come out on top? Who will sneak into the top 5? How will we rank Solomon, Buster, Spar, and the Box of Snakes? How exciting!
Episode 10: Turtle Pee w/ Jared Gilman
2020 Dec 251h 2m 32s
This week, actor Jared Gilman gets cancelled for not caring enough about animals. Just kidding. But he's on thin ice. Listen for Jared's animal-specific insights into the filming of Moonrise Kingdom (2012), his thoughts on if the couples of We Bought A Zoo (2011) are drift-compatible, and how to cast the film if it had been directed by David Lynch. Also, like, seriously, he is on such thin ice.
Episode 9: We Bab A Dook w/ Dana Schwartz
2020 Dec 171h 11m 26s
This week, Dana Schwartz (with special guest Beetlejuice the cat) pods a zoo to talk about the symbolism of the 2011 film We Bought A Zoo. Can it be read as an allegory for Noah's Ark? What would have made the imagery of the Dead Wife™ land harder? And, most importantly, will a housecat respond to chuffing?
Episode 8: It's Insane To Compare 1917 To We Bought A Zoo, But Here We Are w/ Anna Campion
2020 Dec 101h 44m 43s
Join Zach and guest Anna Campion as they nitpick their way through the structure and pacing of We Bought A Zoo. Does this movie need to be 2 hours long? How is it so good at setting up and then immediately resolving tension? What fixes could have been made along the way? Did you know that despite literally being siblings, Rosie and Dylan barely speak to each other throughout the entire film? Weird! And no, the irony of the episode that's about the pacing issues of the movie being the longest single episode so far is not lost.
Episode 7: The Twisted Art of Dylan Mee w/ Amar Risbud
2020 Dec 031h 19m 57s
In the single most revelatory episode of the podcast so far, Zach and Amar dive deep into the artwork of We Bought A Zoo’s designated Moody Kid With A Bowl Cut: Dylan Mee. Along the way, we make some incredible discoveries about cephalopods, Bob Marley, Charles Manson, and perhaps the true meaning of the film itself. Make sure you’re sitting down for the last few minutes of this one.
Episode 6: Jonni Fixes We Bought A Zoo w/ Jonni Phillips
2020 Nov 261h 19m 51s
In the single most hostile episode of the show so far, animator Jonni Phillips reveals why she hates almost everything about We Bought A Zoo, and undertakes the brave adventure of how to make it better. Mostly she bullies me, and then we get angry at Charlie Kaufman and Zootopia.