Further Living
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3 episodes
Practicing psychotherapists, Banu Vaughn, PhD. LPC, and Matt Vaughn, MA LPC offer psychological advice and education informed by their 15+ years of experience.


On Resolutions- new year’s and others
2021 Jan 1126m 14s
Matt & Banu discuss the possibilities and impossibilities of New Year resolutions.
Never say never ? /Further Living - Power of Words Part 2
2020 Oct 2624m 25s
Part 2 of the “Power of Words”. Always and Never, and a peek into Matt’s unconscious. Email us at livingfurther@gmail.com
Should you Say Should? / Further Living: The Power of Words- Part 1
2020 Jun 0320m 40s
In this episode Matt Vaughn, MA, LPC, gives the first part of his lecture series- The Power of Words.  In the first installment we look at how the use of should/ shouldn't creates cognitive distortions and how and why we 'should' avoid the use of 'shoulds'.    ;)
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