• Donta Hughes
7 episodes
Most of the things I will talk about is life experiences, sharing positivity and sharing my story with the world, being a better person. Sometimes I may get on and be goofy.


I'm A Black Man Living In America
2020 Jun 2411m 9s
Just some things I want to get off my chest about being a Black Man From America.
Little Bit About A Lot
2020 Mar 2936m 48s
Talking about this coronavirus, adults not being good examples, politics, friendship. Lol I touch on a few different things
Let Your Love Ones Know
2020 Jan 0428m 20s
My opinion of why it's important to let the ones close to you know what you're going through
My Crazy, Kids
2019 Dec 1952m 40s
Me talking about my kids, the love and expectations I have for them.
Just Me Talking About Some Feelings I'm Having
2019 Dec 1328m 42s
Me opening all the way up. I was pacing back and forth, you'll hear that in the audio at some points. I was pacing because this is a touchy subject for me.
4 Months With A Different Life
2019 Dec 0751m 50s
I go into detail about the last 4 months of my life since falling off a telephone pole.
Thank You My Neighbors and My Community. MY FAMILY
2019 Dec 0746m 44s
Talking about the love I have for my community and some ways my neighbors have shown their love for me.
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