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Imagine a group of incredibly handsome, funny, talented, humble friends, a couple six packs of beer and their friend Justin. A beer fueled podcast where we expose ourselves, provide the funniest stories we can recall, and turn our lives into a shit show for your entertainment. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beerandbanter/support


Clogging the Toilet
2021 Mar 291h 13m 41s
This week’s episode features some of the closet people I have in my life. We tell stories about getting offered drugs, catching people doing drugs and a possible encounter with tens of thousands of dollars of cartel drugs. Danny overflows Jake’s toilet the first time he goes to his house on Halloween and it’s the first time he meets his dad. Kroon and Savannah talk about a rich 75-year-old women they went to the bars with in Canada and we get extra rowdy.
First Sorority Girls on the Podcast
2021 Mar 181h 12m 1s
On this chaotic episode we experience girl’s night starring Danny and Max. We take on the best sorority in Detroit and talk about everything under the sun. We hear how much money they make selling feet pics and what it’s like getting $75 for a facetime. The girls tell us work stories, read their DMs and tell us what it’s like to get dick pics. We try playing a game during the episode, but the conversation goes in all directions, so we run with it all. We hear about relationships, calling someone the wrong name during sex, body counts and bad sex experiences. Thank you for listening and send us suggestions for future episodes.
Faster Horses
2021 Feb 251h 10m 38s
This episode consists of all new guests, we talk about some of our drunken Faster Horses stories. Danny talks about the first time he saw his friend’s thighs. We talk about how one of our friends we used to go to school with got murdered. Would you rather lose your teeth or your fingernails? We talk about how the US funded terrorist organizations, some conspiracy stories, and random shit I do not feel like typing just listen. Hope we could make you smile today!
Dolphins Are Aliens
2021 Feb 161h 51m 51s
Aliens exist obviously, and dolphins are in fact aliens. We recount awkward serving stories, people throwing up, people asking us to date their daughters, and the famous people we have met. We answer the question of should women or men pay for the bill? There are more throw up stories because you just cannot get enough of those. Can airport scanners see you naked? Airport stories are told such as how Ryan debatably got put on a terrorist watchlist in France. We end with some classic would you rather debates starting with having three balls or one nipple.
2021 Feb 091h 43m 58s
Listener discretion is advised for the first story as it is intense. Jon catches two kids playing with each other’s peckers and for some reason he is the one who gets in trouble for it. We talk cheating and we discus when foreplay is supposed to happen. We explain the point of flavored condoms, the history of condoms and Ryan’s dynasty. Thank you, Lick N Munch, for sponsoring this episode.
Getting into Trouble
2021 Feb 0357m 20s
We talk about our first job experiences and our prank wars. Our opinions on what happens after death and if death is real. We tell stories of when we could not make it to the bathroom in time from not making it off the field mid game to not making it off the chair in computer lab. Danny gets wild at the bar and Barno and Jay guest star.
For The Women
2021 Jan 251h 44m 3s
For once we have a female perspective for this episode. It is loaded with stories, would you rather questions, jokes, banter, and discussions on important topics. A person 10 minutes away from us won the billion-dollar Mega Millions at a Kroger right down the street. Three people break their hands, and someone gets their hair vigorously sniffed at a gas station. Jordyn tells a story about her ex throwing up in a public pool table, maybe more causally than Justin ever could. Danny and Justin got in trouble as children for printing out questionable pictures online.
Sex Positions
2021 Jan 201h 5m 11s
Ryan explains the fights with minors, gruesome injuries and disgusting clean ups while working his old job at a trampoline park. Danny talks cleaning customer throw up and the struggles of being a male at the bar. We run through a few of the most unique sex positions we can think of and venture into Justin’s laboratory. Thank you to Insta-Tits for sponsoring this episode.
Running From Police
2021 Jan 1249m 48s
The OG crew could not make it this week, so Danny brings back some fan favorite guests for stories and banter. Barno daps up J. Cole and recounts his latest tinder hookup. Barno also asks the most complicated question on the planet so let us know your answers on our socials. Korey and Danny recount a few times they have ran from police and for some reason we talk a little time travel. Barno brings on a sponsor this episode, thank you Barno for sponsoring this episode.
New Year's Nut Waxing
2021 Jan 0448m 28s
What happened to Dylan? Did Justin get bullied as a child? Is our friend’s dad actually an assassin? We talk New Year’s resolutions and how they have brought Jeremy some new-found confidence. As well as the dangers of waxing down south as a man, a lot about our friend’s mom, and a few funny stories. Thank you, Melon Mate, for returning to sponsor our show.