A Podcast About Harry Potter
  • Preston Whiteman
3 episodes
This is a podcast about Harry Potter. It covers the books and the films and some things you might have missed. Please tune in for the show becasue I promise it will be magical. ✨⚡


First book and film review
2020 Jul 0316m 24s
This is a film and book review of the first year of the harry potter series. It covers an overview of the book some easter eggs you might have missed in the film and a comparison from book to film.
How Harry Potter defeated Lord voldermort in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
2020 Jul 025m 3s
This is my first podcast on Harry Potter and it is about how Harry Potter defeated Lord voldermort in the deathly hallows book. It includes how he killed him how the snake was killed and a few things you might have missed all that and more in this podcast.
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