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Encouragement during COVID19
2020 Apr 0716m 35s
many fear and yet believers in Jesus fail to turn to him in prayer while the world continues frantically searching for a glimmer of hope. dear friend, our hope should be in Jesus. if God be for us, who can stand against us? dear friend, don't fret, God's got even this. during Covid 19, we need to share our faith like people share trending Youtube cat videos. we need to show the world that what we have is real. it's a hope, peace, joy, love, and rest nobody, no virus, no outbreak, no pandemic, no government, nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God. nothing, absolutely nothing can pluck us from his hands. we serve a God who is bigger then fear. we serve a God who is bigger then Covid19. we serve a God who's bigger then government. we serve a God who's bigger then religion. we serve a God who's bigger then anything our little human minds could ever think of and so dear friend, don't worry, instead, try this. when you begin worrying, start praying over your worries and watch them vanish. In this episode, I share my new song appropriately titled, "take hope." i wrote this while in quarantine.
Should our church use CCLI? Do we have options?
2018 Feb 2332m 32s
In this installment of the Worship Matters Podcast with Brother Timothy Clark, we discuss a vary important topic relating to your music ministry department at your church. CCLI. Do we have alternatives? If so, what are they? I believe we can utilize music, video, and even photos licensed under the sweet of creative commons licenses and on top of all of that, we can use material listed as Public Domain.
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