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Formerly the host of The Wrestling Roundtable, Eric Santamaria now has 'A Few Words' weekly with guests of various backgrounds on numerous topics. From movies to books, MMA to fitness, political issues to life lessons, Eric's informative, funny and frank talks with musicians, wrestlers, martial artists and more stream right to your ears! Enjoy!


AFW 036: Grizzly Redwood
2017 Feb 0656m 10s
Grizzly Redwood has been overcoming the odds since he was born. Whether it was health problems or perceptions, Grizzly came out on the other end of things to sit down and tell us what it was like going from wrestling in high school to in front of crowds across the continent in various promotions, learning from some of the best of his ilk along the way.
AFW 035: The Princess Bride
2017 Jan 311h 19m 14s
Reviewing a great movie AND mentioning some of the latest combat sports events? Inconceivable! Brian Coppola dials me up on Skype to discuss 1987’s comedy/adventure, The Princess Bride. Plus I talk about Bellator 170, UFC on FOX 23 & WWE Royal Rumble 2017!
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