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Gaming, role-playing, geekdom, and feminism styled with humor and self-love


A Very Crimson Peak Halloween
2015 Nov 041h 32m 26s
Ashley & Rayne discuss how much they enjoyed Crimson Peak (spoilers beware!) and they play some FMK, before discussing character creation and things get deep.
2015 Oct 221h 2m 40s
Ashley and Rayne get back together to record another episode that covers everything from Twilight Reimagines to Sandman to Superman's dick outline to the fact that genderswapped Renesmee would be named Rernest.
We're Back!
2015 Sep 171h 22m 55s
Ashley and Rayne are back from a long hiatus to talk everything from X-Files and Hellblazer to Ninja Sex Party and Spy Kids, then we play a game of Would You Press the Button?
We Love Queer Comics
2014 Nov 051h 10m 41s
We're back! It's been over a month but Ashley and Rayne have a brand new episode all about comics, specifically comics of the LGBTQ+ variety! They hit up a yaoi con last month and grabbed a ton of new comics, like Grav
Dressing Hot for Fat Girls
2014 Sep 291h 19m 36s
Ashley & Rayne talk clothes, being plus size and finding rad fashion, where they like to shop, and feeling good in what you wear no matter your size or gender identity!
A Giant Dirty Donut
2014 Sep 181h 1m 9s
Bra joins Ashley & Rayne for another episode about Dungeons & Dragons! They discuss campaign settings they love, debate ones they don't agree on, and then end the episode with some F*ck Marry Kill!
We're Talkin' Books Over Here
2014 Sep 041h 13m 53s
Rayne and Ashley decide to chat about some of their favourite books and share them with you! They debate how to pronounce Levithan (and of course, Ashley says leviathan and Rayne loved that as a last name), rave about y
2014 Sep 021h 16m 9s
Ashley & Rayne invite their BFF Kait to swing by and chat about FPS gaming, MMORPGs, being a girl involved in a male-dominated gaming world and how the gaming world is actually more and more girls every day!
The Villains of Marvel
2014 Aug 261h 1m 1s
Ashley and Rayne really break down the villains of their weekly Marvel superheroes game, and then play a rousing game of Fuck/Marry/Kill!
Positively Crass
2014 Aug 211h 6m 38s
Ashley decides it's time to play conversation games with Rayne, so they try out Fuck-Marry-Kill, Would You Press the Button?, and other ridiculous games to get to know each other even better than before. Follow us on th