• Bryan Joslin
34 episodes
VintagEuro is the podcast for people who love classic European motoring. Hosts Bryan Joslin and Myles Leevy share their passion for European cars, SUVs, motorcycles and scooters from post-WWII through the "Rad-era" vehicles of the early 1990s. With guests from all corners of the automotive world, each episode focuses on the vehicles, people, and experiences that make European motoring so unique.


1980s German Tuners - Episode 34
2021 Feb 251h 31m 50s
On this episode, Bryan and Myles dig into the German tuning houses that made the '80s so interesting. They break down the playing field into the good, the weird and the truly ugly, talking about the cocaine-fueled fever dreams reinterpreted in the form of BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches, Audis and occasionally even Volkswagens of the day.
Whiskey Tango Delta Integrale - Episode 33
2021 Feb 051h 31m 50s
Tim McNair of GP Concours Restoration returns to the show to talk with Myles and Bryan about the hottest of VintagEuro hot hatches, the Lancia Delta Integrale. He shares his personal experience as the new owner of a 1992 HF Integrale 16V, as well as his knowledge of all the other variants for the prospective newcomer.
Twenty(-ish) Questions - Episode 32
2021 Jan 301h 41m 43s
The plan was simple: Bryan and Myles would take turns asking each other questions related to their love of classic European motoring. The goal was ten questions each. We think they only hit 16 in total, but we lost count and it doesn't matter.
Lending a Hand - Episode 31
2021 Jan 2254m 24s
Bryan and Myles each take one for the team, helping out friends in need. Bryan spends part of his Sunday helping out past guest Jamie Orr of Orchid Euro (episode 14) with a Volkswagen engine transplant. Myles goes high-rent and gives up a bit of his Tuesday morning to help another past guest Tim McNair of GP Concours (Episode 4) with some engine-out detailing of a Ferrari 365 GT4BB.
Coming to America - Episode 30
2021 Jan 141h 30m 41s
Is a European car built in America really a European car? That depends. Myles and Bryan discuss the early European transplants, including Pennsylvania-built BMWs, Wisconsin-built Renaults and South Carolina-built BMWs. Plus Rolls-Royces and Fiats once upon a time.
Save It or Scrap It? - Episode 29
2021 Jan 071h 15m 22s
Have you ever felt bad parting out a perfectly good car? Ever bought bits and pieces from a part-out vehicle to complete your own project? In this episode, Bryan and Myles discuss the merits and ethics of taking collectible cars off the road responsibly.
Looking Forward to 2021 - Episode 28
2020 Dec 241h 34m 43s
After a year of cancelled and postponed, 2020 is almost over. As they look ahead at the new year, Bryan and Myles discuss some of the major events on the calendar for 2021.
Winter is Coming - Episode 27
2020 Dec 171h 21m 1s
With winter right around the corner, Bryan and Myles dig into ways to stay connected to the cars, people and activities that make classic European motoring so enjoyable.
Hagerty's 2021 Bull Market List - Episode 26
2020 Dec 101h 41m 52s
Bryan and Myles dig into Hagerty's Bull Market List for 2021 to discuss the three vintage European picks that made the cut, as well as a couple European youngtimers that are bound to be future European classics.
Updating and Backdating - Episode 25
2020 Dec 032h 6m 14s
Bryan and Myles get busy talking about the ups and downs of modifying vehicle to change the appearance of their age. From long-hood 911s to big-bumper Jettas, the guys debate what works, what doesn't and why.