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Wanna feel like you’re in a room with two friends of over 20 years while they talk about their lives & opinions on what they see & hear daily. They also sh*t on each other regularly. Yes? Then listen to B3F (Best F-ing Friends Forever). Follow us on Twitter: B3FPodcast and on Instagram: B3F_Podcast.


Episode 93 - Mother Lover's Day
2021 May 102h 14m 24s
Today, it is just the two of us. We talk about Mother's Day, music, family issues, and Joey's upcoming family vacation. We read a couple WikiHow articles about how to me Emo, and how to be a people person. We discuss a recent sermon about wives letting themselves go, and read a Buzzfeed article about friend rules.
Episode 92 - Eazzy Returns
2021 May 032h 19m 42s
Today we have one of our favorite guests returning. Eazzy is back. He was first on with us on Episode 48. Eazzy has released a new album, Rebirth. You can find it anywhere you stream music. He has been splitting his time between Knoxville and Charlotte lately as he prepares for a move to Charlotte in the semi-near future. We talk about all kinds of things: the Knoxville music scene, racism, calling people out, lack of support from friends, and a lot more. This is true to the first time he was on as one of the most fun episodes we've done. This is us at our most true.
Episode 91 - Juxtaposition Debate
2021 Apr 262h 32m 27s
Today we have Andre and Easy of The Juxtaposition Debate. They have a show similar to ours, in that they debate topics. The more taboo, the better. Andre and Easy are from South London. Their accents alone make the show sound immediately smarter. We discuss their show, topics that they've debated, a hit that was put out on Andre, UK's view on American politics, how we were raised, race issues, and lots more. We had a great time with these two and hope to have them back on sometime. Go download their show on Spotify and follow them on their social media channels.
Episode 90 - Anders Eriksen
2021 Apr 192h 17m 17s
Today we have Anders Eriksen on the show. Anders has been Robert Englund's personal Freddy Krueger glove maker for over 20 years. Anders is from Denmark and got into the Nightmare on Elm Street movies as a teeneager and eventually started making the gloves. He moved to the states, got better, got connected to Englund, and the rest is history. Anders work with his wife on movie props and special effects make-up. They have made costumes for several movies. They have a website where you can buy werewolf pups, werepups. If you are into that stuff, they look AMAZING and are high end quality. You can also order a custom Freddy glove from Anders through his Nightmare Gloves social media pages. If you don't want a custom glove, Trick or Treat Studios mass produces Freddy gloves based off of Anders' prototype. He also runs Dog Head Studios with his wife.
Episode 89 - Shaun Eli
2021 Apr 121h 55m 40s
Today we have clean comedian Shaun Eli on the show. Shaun does corporate shows and hits local clubs, when there isn't a pandemic happening. We talk about how he got started in comedy, the benefits of starting at 40, his first gig, and introducing Jerry Seinfeld at a club. He also tells a story about some Scotch from his brother, gives us sh!t for not drinking enough, and we dive into the Bg of Sh!t. This was a fun one, especially for Joey, since he's a bit of a comedy nerd.
Episode 88 - J. F**k'n Neilson
2021 Apr 052h 18m 46s
Today we have ABS Mastersmith, horror movie lover, and Forged in Fire judge, J. Neilson on with us. J. has been making knives in the mountains of Pennsylvania for a long time. He is one of the original three judges on The History Channel's, Forged in Fire. We discuss the show, what it is like to test the knives (J. tries to destroy the knives on the show), filming during COVID, horror movies, his custom Freddy Krueger glove, being happy in marriage, and why it is important to know the difference between a ram and a ewe. J. is an interesting guy and is fun to talk to. Check out his knives at his website and check him out on Forged in Fire.
Episode 87 - Mike Sabia
2021 Mar 292h 19m 7s
Today we have a coworker of Steven's, Mike Sabia. Mike has played in multiple touring bands and even played on the Warped Tour. We talk about music, touring, kids, religion, and even discuss a "special" military branch. Joey and Mike gang up on Steven quite a bit, which is fun.
Episode 86 - The Redneck Review
2021 Mar 222h 13m 9s
Today we have Cody from The Redneck Review podcast and Redneck News Entertainment. Cody and Steven J each others D about their military time, we discuss podcasts we love, and laugh a lot. After the break, Cody's RR podcast partner, Quint, calls in to share his life as a boyfriend to a Jewish girl, propane and propane accessories, and his time doing standup. We laugh a lot again.
Episode 85 - Roy Peak
2021 Mar 152h 5m 29s
Today we are joined by Roy Peak. Roy is a musician, and reviewer in Jacksonville, FL. Roy has played in many punk bands, been kicked out of venues, and produces albums for other artists. We talk about Roy's music history, the sites he writes reviews for, and his music tastes at the moment. After the break, we play a little overrated/underrated and come up with some good ones.
Episode 84 - Peter "Mad Dog" Di Salvo
2021 Mar 081h 55m 52s
Today we have the Knoxville Ice Bears goalie, Peter Di Salvo, on the show. Peter is from Canada, and has been playing hockey since he was around five years old. We discuss his hand-eye coordination exercises, game day prep, where his nickname came from, trash talking on the ice, and what it is like being on a team during COVID protocols. After the break, we reach into the Bag of Sh*t.