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Good conversation truly is an Art Form that we believe has been lost behind screens and various forms of technology. Listen in as we speak on a wide range of topics and aim to inform our listeners while delivering peak entertainment. Truly reviving the Art of Conversation, one word at a time.


Coffee & Robots
2020 Dec 2159m 58s
This episode....MAN. We went down the rabbit hole here and you will not be disappointed. Grab a cup or 12 of coffee and be ready to feel like you're in the circle of conversation with us. Caffeine, Artificial Intelligence, Universal Income, Drugs, Disneyland, Spirits and Energy, Robots and the year 2100! AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.  Click play, buckle up, and enjoy!
The History of You
2020 Dec 141h 53s
On this episode, Adri and I discuss her ancestry results, our family tree and the importance of knowing who you are, where you came from and what you are. It is safe to say we learned some surprising events over the course of putting our tree together AND we're still not done! History is a pivotal part in our lives and understanding our destiny and fate. Learning what is inside of us has given us a new fire to leave a legacy behind for our future descendants. Tune in and learn why The History of You is the missing piece you've been looking for!
Breakfast for the Brain: Revenge
2020 Dec 1011m 27s
"The best revenge is not to be like your enemy."
Life as a Honey Badger with Colten Honeycutt
2020 Dec 071h 17m 29s
Resiliency is a seriously underrated characteristic in life, and on this episode we speak with a very close friend and give kudos to the development of resiliency in us all. Life has a tendency to challenge us all at any given time, and Colten isn't a stranger to that. We speak on remaining positive and understanding that optimism often is overlooked. Channel your inner Honey Badger and listen in on our experiences, life events, and the hunger for more!
Breakfast for the Brain: Sphere of Fire
2020 Dec 0411m 15s
When you think of fire, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Danger? Fear? Pain? Fire can be a sign of something wrong, but also it can power numerous things on this earth. In this BFB, I emphasize the importance of the people around you, and why they should be powering you upward and not burning you down. Your sphere of fire has more influence than you think, and sometimes we need to add or take away from it. Listen in and learn how to evaluate your Sphere of Fire and become the legend that you are.
Culture and Cohesion with Mani Singh
2020 Nov 301h 46m 45s
Mani is great friend of mine who was born in India and spent a portion of his childhood there. He moved here at a young age and was immediately inspired by a number of things. We discuss several factors he encountered growing up including race, ethnicity, and differences in cultures and beliefs. Mani shares some things that have motivated him throughout the years and memories that helped shape who he is today. We go over his journey to success, obstacles, and talk advice on a wide range of topics. Listen and Enjoy!
Breakfast for the Brain: The Why
2020 Nov 2512m 8s
Many times we've given guidance and encountered the person, or group of people, that respond with "Why." Over the years these people have been given a bad name, but is it really their fault? Listen in as I explain what we, as leaders, can do to properly inform our coworkers in order to complete the job and avoid the "Why." I provide plenty examples and empower you all to be better leaders and use the information given. Enjoy!
The Gift of Movement with Adri Davis
2020 Nov 231h 23m 41s
Yes, folks you read that right! In this episode, Adri reveals her reignited flame and curiosity in the movement of the body. We plunge into the numerous benefits of movement and how it negatively impacts the human psyche when we don't get enough. Trust me when I say, this is NOT just another episode on fitness. Often times these ambitions to do great things come from places we've never seen, or felt before, allowing Adri and I to ponder what those influences may be. Ancestors? Ocular? Memories? Dreams? All of the above? Listen in and feed your brain while motivating yourself to be the best version of you possible.
Breakfast for the Brain: Don't Get Jealous, Get Better.
2020 Nov 1912m 11s
Jealous huh? It's not helping you at all. In this BFB I discuss the many reasons why jealousy is destroying you, and provide direction on how to get better. We tend to be jealous by nature, but that doesn't mean it has to control you. Listen in on how to be better and get what you deserve.
Psychology Soup with Jay Winters
2020 Nov 161h 52m 29s
First episode with a guest, ladies and gents! Listen in as we speak with Jay Winters, who was a Psychological Operations Soldier for 6 years, as he shares some stories regarding the world of Militarized Psychology, thoughts on psychology in our world today, and of course we had to talk about serial killers. Add in a little fitness and an ex Navy Seal who took a wild route to join the Army and've got a healthy serving of psychological soup! Enjoy and don't forget to leave those reviews!