Intro/Dimensional Travel
  • Krystal Stones
3 episodes
I’m Krystal Stones and I’m introducing myself into the podcast world as well as my ideas. Today you will meet me virtually and I will discuss dimensional travel and how to prosper by using dimensional understanding.


The Importance of Dimensions
2020 May 1912m 7s
No description needed. Just listen then grab the power of you for yourself.
What is a dimension
2020 May 1512m 49s
This episode will break down what a dimension is and make it easier to identify the many dimensions aka mindsets that are around you. It will also identify the dimensions that are within your very on mind and give encouragement for you to open up your very own mental power.
Introduction/ Dimensional Travel
2020 May 1010m 20s
Hi. My name is Krystal Stones and I am introducing myself along w/ my ideas. This episode is about prospering by dimensionally traveling in any aspect of life. Understanding is not THE key but is a major key.
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