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Salastina, a non-profit chamber music organization based in Los Angeles, invites listeners to join with composers, musicians, and artists to celebrate the beauty of the past and present, and to carry it into the future with a spirit of inclusiveness.


American Mirror
2020 Jun 1558m 4s
What is classical music, and how does it relate to our lives in the here-and-now? Composer Derrick Spiva Jr's music addresses these questions in a way that is as personal as it is inclusive. In 2016, Derrick wrote a string quartet called "American Mirror." Its inspirations: the presidential election, his eclectic musical tastes, and his accumulated life experience as a Black American. Through music, Derrick synthesizes these wells of inspiration into a cohesive and stunning work of personal expression and political activism that we can all get behind.Salastina explores this extraordinary piece, titled American Mirror, by speaking with Derrick about the many inspirations behind it, and why he identifies as a classical composer.
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