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A podcast for the Fontys Sports Performance Course. For more information about the course, contact us at


EP03 - Markus Saaristo on following the course as an exchange student
2020 Nov 0248m 30s
In this episode I talk with Markus Saaritso about his experience during the Sports Performance course. Markus is from Helsinki, Finland and participated in the course as an exchange student. Currently he works as a strength and conditining specialist and follows a master program at the University of Jyväskylä.
EP02 - Bart Hanegraaff on The importance of skill analyses
2020 Sep 281h 14s
In this episode we're going to discuss the importance of skill analyses in the work of a Strength & Conditioning specialist, with our guest Bart Hangegraaff. Bart is a former dutch baseball player and a Fontys school of sport studies alumni. Currently he works as a hitting coach and strength and conditioning coach for the dutch national teams of baseball and softball as well as for the the baseball academy in the Netherlands. Bart is also a consultant for the Pittsburg pirates. In this episode we go into detail on how to perform a skill analysis. We discuss how a skill analysis is executed and what background knowledge is necessary to understand human movements in order to analyze complex movements. In addition we discuss how the information that emerges from the analysis can be used for training program design and exercise selection.
EP01 - Lars Kemperman on what it means to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach
2020 Sep 0153m 7s
In this episode we discuss what it means to be a strength and conditioning coach for elite athletes with Lars Kemperman, S&C coach of TeamNL.
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