The SCREAMwriters Podcast
  • Patrick Mediate and Ariel Relaford
27 episodes
The premiere podcast summoning both veteran and up-and-coming horror screenwriters slaying their craft. Support this podcast:


Episode 27 - Scary Story Season Finale
2021 Apr 2355m 55s
In the season one finale, Patrick and Ariel are joined around the campfire by writer Sabina Graves and alumni guest Jessica Kane.  They each take turns telling scary stories and end up scaring themselves in the process.
Episode 26 - Horror Publications with Former Editor-in-chief of Fangoria Magazine Ken W. Hanley
2021 Apr 1656m 6s
With only two episodes left in the first season, Ariel and Patrick get sentimental, chat about horror magazines from their youth and speak with Ken W. Hanley, former editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine.
Episode 25 - Spec Scripts and Valuable Advice from Screenwriter Adam Gaines
2021 Apr 0943m 40s
Ariel and Patrick discuss their experiences with The Black List before they’re joined by NEW YEAR, NEW YOU (Blumhouse’s Into the Dark) and NEGATIVE screenwriter, Adam Gaines, who tells us about his journey, gives valuable advice, as well as his latest screenplay, REWIRED.
Episode 24 - Unconventional Screenplay Submission Tactics
2021 Apr 0241m 17s
Ariel and Patrick discuss some of the wild and unconventional things that screenwriters have done in order to get their work read by industry gatekeepers and are joined by Zack Ford who defied all boundaries to get his screenplay into Production. Don’t try ANY of what you hear at home.
Episode 23 - Industry Etiquette and Boundaries with Sandra Leviton
2021 Mar 2652m 9s
Ariel and Patrick discuss the importance of industry etiquette and how not to behave before being joined by Under the Stairs Entertainment’s very own Sandra Leviton, who shares details of her career journey, how screenplays catch her attention, and scary experiences she’s had with screenwriters who don’t respect boundaries.
Episode 22 - Page-Ones and Story Ideas
2021 Mar 1944m 37s
Ariel and Patrick choose three of their favorite listener submitted screenplay page-ones to read aloud, discussion ideas VS an actual script and chat with up-and-coming SCREAMwriter Christopher O’Bryant.
Episode 21 - G.O. Parsons and The World of Willy’s Wonderland
2021 Mar 121h 3m 52s
Ariel and Patrick chat with screenwriter G.O. Parsons who recently broke into the biz with his spec screenplay WILLY’S WONDERLAND, which was recently made into a major motion picture now available on VOD.
Episode 20 - The Freedom of Wearing Many Creative Hats with Josh Ruben
2021 Mar 0531m 58s
More and more writers are deciding to spread their creativity into different roles on a project. Whether it be to retain creative vision or just get their story told quicker without jumping through the hoops of the Hollywood gatekeepers. Ariel and Patrick welcome one such jack of all trades, SCARE ME'S Director/Writer/Actor/Producer Josh Ruben, to the show.
Episode 19 - Screenplay Festivals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2021 Feb 261h 8m 57s
It’s the start of screenplay festival season once more! GenreBlast Film Festival Founder and Director Nathan Ludwig and Women in Horror Film Festival Founder & Director Vanessa Wright join Patrick and Ariel for a conversation about (almost) everything you need to know about submitting your screenplay for competition.
Episode 18 - Building Relationships in the Industry with Producer Thomas Pettinelli
2021 Feb 191h 1m 34s
Patrick and Ariel discuss their experiences with producers and are joined by Branded Pictures Entertainment’s very own Thomas Pettinelli, who discusses what it’s like to work with screenwriters, producers, and how to go about building relationships in the industry.