The bothered church podcast
  • Al Johnson
4 episodes
If you’ve sat in church and wondered where God was, this podcast is for you. Book is available now on Amazon Kindle, Kindle app and paperback.


What Bothers Monica
2021 Jan 1215m 56s
Monica talks about people operating outside of their gifting in church.
What Bothers Jarreau
2020 Dec 1329m 50s
Pastor Jarreau explains why emotionalism and lack of development in the church bothers him.
What Bothers Carla
2020 Dec 0636m 17s
Carla explains why not knowing your destiny or the nature of God bothers her.
What Bothers Doral
2020 Dec 0532m 32s
Doral explains why believers not knowing their power bothers her.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.