Chardy's Digital Talks
  • Chardy Ndiki
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The purpose of “Chardy's Digital Talks” is to give IT professionals an easy medium where they can learn how to better leverage technology so they can advance their digital transformation. The format will be a conversation with a knowledgeable guest in a specific field. They will be sharing their vision and real life stories about their field of expertise.


Open Source Software
2020 Aug 1935m 43s
80% of the world software is developed and maintained for free. I’m wowed by this observation. Whether it is the operating system that runs your smartphone, the laptop I am using to type these words or your favourite connected objects, on average 80% of...
Customer Success & SaaS
2020 Aug 0736m 21s
The future of software is SaaS. The foundation of a successful SaaS is strong Customer Success. Customer Success requires process, analytics, and scalability. That is the science. The engagement, person-to-person or via automated personalization, is the art. With these words, Josh Rosenthal share his experience and vision on role of Customer in a contexte of SaaS.
2020 Aug 064m 45s
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