• Noah Lyle
4 episodes
A virtual book club that everyone is invited to participate in! We love books and if you do too, give us a try. Join our discussion on Instagram at ‘the_indie_group’.


The Outsiders: Chapters 7-9
2020 May 0835m 40s
Sorry for the delay y’all!!!
The Outsiders: Chapters 4-6
2020 Apr 2239m 30s
Today we discuss some major events in the lives of the greasers.
The Outsiders: Chapters 1-3
2020 Apr 1539m 17s
We’re discussing the first 3 chapters. Enjoy!
The Outsiders Introduction
2020 Apr 0831m 48s
Season 1 Episode 1. We’ve released our pilot episode! Hope y’all enjoy our virtual book club!
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