Dish: The Podcast
  • Mackenzie Jamieson
6 episodes
Join Mackenzie Jamieson as she learns to cook while she talks to her favorite (and sometimes famous*) friends about life, love, loss, live, laugh, love, and sometimes, you. (*Rihanna please respond to my emails.)


Ep. 06: Paola & Mackenzie’s Great Hot Chocolate Adventure
2021 Jan 2228m 16s
Mackenzie and Paola take to the streets of New York in this fun little minisode as they try to figure out where to get the city’s best hot chocolate. With burned tongues and upset stomachs, they discuss post-shower etiquette and whether speaking should count as the sixth sense.
Ep. 05: Harvest Bowl & Why Sisters Sing in the Car
2021 Jan 081h 24m 49s
Mackenzie and her younger and cooler (?) sister, Brooke, chow down on a hearty winter harvest bowl and are put to the test on just how well they know each other. Plus, a surprisingly feisty Paola’s plate: will these two be able to put their conflict aside for the sake of the pod?
Ep. 04: Black Bean Tacos & The Final (Tribal) Rose
2020 Nov 281h 1m 46s
Mackenzie and her friends Chris and Jen scarf down some tacos while discussing their favorite reality competition series and why maybe you should (?) sleep with your roommate. In addition, we put Chris and Jen to the test in Dish’s own Final Jeopardy moment.
Ep. 03: Veg Spaghetti & the Little Medics Who Could
2020 Nov 1355m 52s
Mackenzie and her friend Nardo slurp down spaghetti with a homemade veggie sauce and chat about their time sleeping at City Hall this summer, along with Happy Tree Friends, turbulent relationships with hiking, and what it means to be a skinny fat cook.
Ep. 02: Grilled Cheese & the Death of Our Landlord
2020 Oct 3040m 28s
Mackenzie and her three roommates munch on gourmet grilled cheese and reminisce on the days of strict quarantine while chatting about Sam’s experience in the Troubles in Ireland, Austin’s new underwear, and Michael‘s dad’s Venmo information. Will they once and for all agree on a place to put their printer? Also: the introduction of Paola’s Plate!
Ep 01: Cereal & the Bruce Lee of Hedgehogs
2020 Oct 151h 10m 35s
Mackenzie and her friend Bradley eat arguably the worst cereal of all time as they discuss growing up with six sisters, the evils of John Lewis & Partners, how not to rescue a hedgehog, and friendships found in the unlikeliest of places.