"Inspirational Thoughts and Encouragement"
  • Min. Glenda Mansell
179 episodes
This podcast is meant to give encouragement, love, joy and hope supported by Biblical Scriptures each day as we travel our Spiritual Journey.


"The Path to Spiritual Revival"
2021 May 053m 13s
(2Timothy 1:7)
"Bible Nuggets to Enlighten"
2021 May 047m
"Overview of Ecclesiastes" (21st Book in the Bible)
"Your Connection to GOD"
2021 May 034m 57s
(John 15:1-8)
"Bible Nuggets to Enlighten"
2021 Apr 308m 4s
"Overview of Proverbs" (20th Book in the Bible)
"Pride...A Destructive Force!"
2021 Apr 303m 37s
(Proverbs 11:2)
"Bible Nuggets to Enlighten"
2021 Apr 288m 36s
"Overview of Psalms" (19th Book in the Bible)
"The Purpose of Your Conscience"
2021 Apr 283m
(Acts 24:16)
"Do Not Be Conformed!"
2021 Apr 264m 2s
(1 Peter 1:13-16)
"Bible Nuggets to Enlighten"
2021 Apr 237m 27s
"Overview of Job" (18th Book in the Bible)
"Comfort in Dark Seasons"
2021 Apr 235m 3s
(Psalm 18:25-30)