Infinite Attraction
  • Elizabeth Irizarry
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A podcast about personal growth, perseverance, inspiration and overall motivation. Sharing real stories, by real people, making moves. Support this podcast:


Season 2: 001 #MiamiTechWeek
2021 Apr 3015m 33s
Covering the spontaneous tech week that surfaced out of thin air! Co-Host Chris Johnston
006: Seeking Closure After Divorce
2020 Nov 051h 18m 24s
As you all know, I am divorced. Although I am not defined by this, I understand the importance of working through this life-altering decision.  In order to truly move on, we have to seek closure so we can properly heal. There is no right time for closure, so go easy on yourself but we willing to challenge the wound. In order to truly heal you have to be willing to process, that can mean taking responsibility. It typically takes two for a marriage to fall apart. In this episode, my ex-husband and I sit down to talk about, what happened? How did we get here? But most importantly, what did we learn from all of this? Divorce can bring many questions about what went wrong and who's to blame for what, in the end, not all questions have answers both parties may agree with but part of letting go is accepting that that cannot be changed or even fully accounted for.
005: The Road Trip of a Lifetime (Thank You Mother Nature)
2020 Oct 2849m 15s
The road trip of a lifetime, what an understatement. After 19 days on the road, approximately 7,201 miles, 105 hours of driving, 14 states, 6 National Parks, 4 State Parks, 3 Sand Dunes, 1 National Recreational Area, 2 Landmarks, 1 Monument, and 1 Hour logged on a plane, nothing could beat turning 29 quite like this. A life-changing trip, full of challenges and lessons; "The best part about being alive is being awake".
004: Self-Love Reminders I Didn’t Know I Needed
2020 Sep 2219m 5s
In this episode, you will learn that loving yourself means taking care of your own needs, having boundaries, and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. I  talk about self-inflicted stress and how to manage it by reframing your thoughts as we explore what true self-love looks like.
003: Staying True Brought Me Closure
2020 Sep 1447m 53s
Coping is an essential process, integral to adaptation and survival.  It represents how we identify, evaluate, deal with, and learn from stressful encounters and emotional experiences.
002: The Courage to Chase Dreams
2020 Sep 0827m 51s
"It takes courage to start a business, regardless if you think you're going to survive or fail." - David Alexander Taylor
001: This Is It
2020 Aug 3120m 35s
In this episode, we uncover my journey of self-discovery and why I’m even doing this in the first place. We’ll dive into my past, my present, and what I hope this podcast brings for you in the future.
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