• Over Everything
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Abia and Nadia both enjoy talking about a lot of things and we decided to share our thoughts out loud with you. This is the type of podcast you can listen to while doing something, anything or nothing. @abiatsabitah @nadiaprdny


New year, new us
2021 Jan 2614m 38s
After a long hiatus from Abia and Nadia because they both are busy with life + school, we're finally back! Sharing our resolutions and plans in 2021, Abia's secret plan on going through another year is gratefulness. We also take on the newest Olivia x Sabrina drama (spoiler alert: Nadia is not a big fan)
What will the future hold?
2020 Nov 1822m 11s
Nadia swears she's not the kind of person to map out her whole life but her Pinterest boards says otherwise, Abia is a proud "Life-Mapper" and both said really wise words stick to the end for some life changing quotes *wink*
"Jaksel" from our POV
2020 Nov 1116m 21s
Whats it like socializing as a student living in Jaksel and how the right environment can affect your mental health.
Introvert vs Extrovert
2020 Nov 0416m 18s
People find it hard to believe Nadia is an introvert while everyone believes right away when Abia says she's an introvert.
Halloween etc etc
2020 Oct 2815m 53s
In this episode Abia and Nadia talk about what Halloween is like as a JakSel student. Oh and how chihuahuas are gemini's.
Over everything's - Introduction
2020 Oct 254m 3s
Our first ever podcast and introduction. Welcome on board while we talk about whats really on our mind.
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