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Have you ever found yourself at home with nothing to do, but to turn on the TV and watch that movie you’ve been hearing so much about? If so, we’re in the same boat. Join Josh (Movie lover) and Armando (Audio Post Professional) as they discuss the latest trailers, news, and deep dive into the latest movies/TV Shows.


His Real Name's Clarence
2021 Jan 2131m 7s
Who is Anthony Mackey? The same guy in every movie or at least according to Josh. Join him and Armando in a hilarious discussion about forever young superstar Tom Holland, the not famous Shia Labeouf, and how military movies have an unrealistic lack of court marshalls in this week's episode.
F**K WW84
2021 Jan 171h 11m 28s
This week we covered the newly released Wonder Woman 84 and Josh as usual let it be know that he doesn't like it. We also discuss Netflix and Disney's recent prince increases and upcoming Disney+ films. Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
Yippee Ki Yay MF
2020 Dec 3138m 58s
This week we discussed Pixar’s latest film and the controversy surrounding it. We also touch on Christmas films like Die Hard and more. We also announced our first giveaway. Follow us on Instagram for more details. Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
Pandemic Flights and Liquor from Scotland
2020 Dec 1743m 17s
For the first time since we started the podcast, we are recording together. We discussed Armando’s first flight during the pandemic, Joshua's new Scotch hobby, the recent Grammy Nominations for Best Film Score, some upcoming Bruce Willis film, and much more.  Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
Don't Ask For Permission, Ask For Forgiveness
2020 Nov 0739m 13s
We're Back! After a long and miserable summer, we're back to our normal release schedule. In this episode, Josh and Armando discuss what they have been watching during this log break and exactly how trash certain movies were. They also played a new 'Theater or Redbox' Game. Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
Nightmare On Our Pod
2020 Nov 0638m 12s
Halloween is a time for trick or treating, parties, and of course scary movies. Join us as we discuss Silence of The Lambs, Red Dragon, and a few newly released Horror Films.
Back to 1985: Gateway Drugs and Trashy Films
2020 May 2336m 10s
Fan boys they are not, listen to the guys trash Back to the Future and other films that fall short of cinematic interest for the duo. Armando and Josh dive into the implications of crack and drug dealers in film and the repetitive nature of the stories told about black communities. You don’t want to miss this shake down of terrible movies and false street codes on this episode of Spoiled Cinema! Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
The Matrix or Dry Pastry
2020 May 0459m 47s
How old were you when the first Matrix released? On this episode, listen to Armando and Josh reminisce on the Matrix trilogy and spill some details on the 4th film in the works. The duo also rage about the latest Netflix film, sizing up kill counts and fight scenes between Tyler Rake and John Wick. Follow Us:SpoiledCinema - @SpoliedCinemaPodcastJosh - @JWilburn11Armando - @Composedbyme
Altered Carbon Must Die! Season 2 Recap
2020 Apr 0339m 33s
Listen as Josh and Armando discuss the pandemic's impact on the film industry and upcoming releases as well as their reviews and opinions on Anthony Mackie's Altered Carbon: Season 2. Warning: Extra Spoiled.
Must/Can't (The Outsider Episodes 5-10)
2020 Mar 171h 44m 37s
Join Armando and Josh as they take a deep dive into the Final episodes of The Outsider, as well as reactions to news and Movie release trailers. Warning: Extra Spoiled.