There's a Lot on My Mind with Mike Danner
  • Mike Danner
6 episodes
There's a lot of stuff happening in the world these days, and I want to talk about it.


Episode 6 - Movies in the Theaters 1987 (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
2019 Apr 301h 15m 5s
In Episode 6, Mike talks about the second movie he ever saw in the theater - the 1987 re-release of the 1937 Disney classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Mike talks about the plot of the movie, his experience seeing it in the theater, and all sorts of background information and fun facts about the film.
Episode 5 with Chuck Dukas
2019 Mar 1659m 37s
In Episode 5, Mike talks with his old pal Chuck Dukas, who Mike has known since 2001 at Merrimack College. Mike and Chuck talk about life in Los Angeles and the changing entertainment industry, the Merrimack Sports Zone, the intersection of football and politics, some Netflix and Hulu recommendations, the most recent Star Wars movies, and a lot more.
Episode 4 with Sheryl Jameson
2019 Jan 041h 14m 47s
In Episode 4, Mike spends part of his New Year's Day 2019 talking to Sheryl Jameson, a radio personality in LA for over 18 years with a show she does with her husband Johnnie (guest on Episode 1) called "The Gospel Hours with Sheryl and Johnnie" on Accelerated Radio. Mike and Sheryl talk about politics, movies, and how she and Johnnie first met. Happy New Year!
Episode 3 - Movies in the Theaters 1986 (An American Tail)
2018 Nov 2351m 39s
In Episode 3, Mike talks about the first movie he ever watched in the theater - the 1986 Don Bluth classic animated film "An American Tail," a story about a little mouse named Fievel who gets separated from his family as they escape violence in Shostka, Russia in 1885.
Episode 2 with Tim Danner
2018 Oct 111h 18m 50s
In Episode 2, Mike talks with Tim Danner, a teacher, New Englander, and also Mike's brother. They talk about Brett Kavanaugh, Bob Newhart, Twin Peaks, Nostalgia, and the heartbreaking end to the Cubs' 2018 season.
Episode 1 with Johnnie Jameson
2018 Sep 211h 21m 33s
In Episode 1, Mike talks to Johnnie Jameson - a letter carrier with the USPS, a documentary film subject, a radio host with his wife Sheryl, a musician, a legacy LA marathon runner, a Vietnam War veteran, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and an all-around cool guy.
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