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A podcast for an integrated dance world.


Newton's Third & The Principle of Reactionary Identity
2021 Apr 1413m 12s
Now that we've gone through all the False Identity episodes, it is time to end the season with everyone's goal: True Identity.
"Baton Down The Hatches" and Other Phrases I Don't Know The Meaning of...
2021 Apr 0118m
Sometimes we know who we are but the path to get there is blocked by a wall... Or four.
Photo-Filter-Crop Shop
2021 Mar 178m 34s
We've all been there: You're editing a photo to post to social media and end up putting waaaayyy too many edits. It look weird and cringy and not-postable.
Why Is it Called a "Carbon Copy?"
2020 Nov 1615m 30s
We should all admire other dancers. They have unique identities that can be inspiring... But what do we do when inspiration becomes imitation and steals away our uniqueness?
No One Reads the Introduction (So I made it the first chapter)
2020 Nov 0711m 23s
Who I am, Why I'm doing this season, and how your identity is your past and your present working toward your future.
The End from the Beginning
2020 Oct 1919m 17s
Perspective is everything. A parents divorce created a dance instructor who loves his students like the Lord loves them.
Episode 3: A Tale of Two Studios
2020 Sep 2623m 44s
The retelling of how Joél foundation came at exact time it needed to.
Don't Doubt the Path: Dance Company Auditions, High School Identity, and Community College.
2020 Jun 2025m 7s
Episode 2!! During this episode, Joel recounts his decision to audition for a dance company, how he ends up not joining, and how it rebounded him down the path that the Lord had planned all along.
The Possibilities: An Introduction to Joel Casanova
2020 May 2216m 6s
The very first episode of the very first season of our podcast, we start at the beginning: who Joel Casanova is and why integration is so important.
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