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  • Joe Farrell
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Brew a cup of your favorite coffee and pull up a beanbag. Joe Farrell is serving up the latest headlines in tech and gaming today.


BB 86: A Byte out of TikTok
2019 Apr 234m 50s
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is delayed until May, Epic Games bans players at the World Cup Online Open, Huawei earnings, Dan Hoffman's Vine successor, and a dead crab.
BB 85: Oculus Go
2017 Oct 124m 59s
Facebook announces a portable Oculus, Nintendo has more Classics on the way, and a first look at MTG: Arena!
BB 84: Ball of Hair and Dust
2017 Oct 064m 59s
The Star Wars Battlefront II beta has begun, the launcher is getting an update years in the making, and a Czech studio has made a particularly adorable ball of hair and dust.
BB 83: Spoopiest Time of Year
2017 Oct 044m 7s
Halloween events galore, and the PS4 has a shiny new firmware update!
BB 82: Sorry, More Nintendo
2017 Oct 034m 7s
No time to write a description I GOTTA GO
BB 81: Cuphead is Almost Here!
2017 Sep 304m 52s
Cuphead is nearly here at long last, and shockingly, the SNES launch went...fairly well.
BB 80: Wanna Be a Pixel Farmer
2017 Sep 294m 24s
Blizzard has a new app, I’m one step closer to my dream of being a pixel farmer, and Red Dead Redemption has me wanting to buy a PlayStation.
BB 79: The Ataribox Cometh
2017 Sep 283m 56s
We have news on the Ataribox, and it’s...interesting.
BB 78: Pikachu With A Hat
2017 Sep 214m 44s
Pikachu has a hat, PewDiePie continues to be...PewDiePie, and Mercy gets reworked!
BB 77: Bye Bye, Battleborn!
2017 Sep 193m 57s
DVa has a new skin in Heroes of the Storm, the Switch has some hidden secrets, and Battleborn is going dark.