• John Hunter
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Oh the Horror...Reviews, Recommendations, and Ramblings


HV Episode 17- Train to Busan
2020 Sep 141h 26s
The show is joined once again by Sean to discuss the Korean gem that is Train to Busan
HV Episode 16 - The Rental
2020 Jul 301h 14m 59s
It's been awhile since we've been able to see a movie on the big screen. Thanks to the resurgence of Drive-In theaters the guys get to review The Rental, Dave Franco's directorial debut. Special guest host Sean joins the podcast. *Heavy Spoilers*
HV Episode 15- Vast of Night
2020 Jul 0744m 33s
Aaron joins on as a new full time host to review The Vast of Night...Has Boog finally been kicked to the curb? Tune in to find out
HV Episode 14 - Shaun of the Dead
2020 May 1259m 51s
The guys joined by special guest Big Al discuss the horror comedy classic Shaun of the Dead, while trying not to go crazy during the real life pandemic
HV Episode 13 - Pet Sematary (2019)
2020 Apr 1749m 34s
The guys are finally back after extended technical difficulties...This week's episode has them reviewing the very forgettable 2019 remake of Pet Sematary
HV Episode 12 - My Bloody Valentine (1981)
2020 Feb 1740m 9s
The guys review the 1981 cult classic for Valentine's day...Does Boog have a hot date planned for the holiday?...nope but he might have a future as a background actor...all this and more on this week's episode
HV Episode 11 - Satanic Panic
2020 Feb 0639m 32s
A short episode reviewing the entertaining Satanic Panic, Does Boog give this movie a fair chance?
HV Episode 10 - The Turning
2020 Jan 3051m 47s
Boog is back and he's ready to sort out this mess of a movie
HV Episode 9 - Tucker and Dale vs Evil
2020 Jan 2253m 29s
With Boog's whereabouts unknown the podcast is joined by special guest Big Al to tackle this gem of a horror comedy
HV Episode 8 - Underwater
2020 Jan 161h 15m 36s
The guys dive into the new year with the review of, Underwater (2020)...*Spoilers between the 51 minute and 1hr 45 second mark*