What Makes You Click?
  • Daniel Mills
17 episodes
A series of conversations with academics, friends, pioneers and generally interesting people, hosted by veterinary behaviourist Daniel Mills


#15 Roger Mugford
2021 Mar 111h 47m 31s
In this episode I catch up with Roger Mugford. He was the person who first inspired me and many others to get into behaviour.  Never one to avoid controversy, this episode may not be to everyone's liking as Roger argues about the importance of being able to find solutions, and I try to convince him, that we should consider human behaviour change methods more. We can agree to disagree and not fall out. He has lots of ideas as ever.
#14 James Serpell
2021 Mar 051h 21m 27s
In this episode I get to chat with pioneer in the field James Serpell. We talk about his amazing book, "In the Company of Animals", CBARQ and FeBarQ, and generally about HAI stuff. Lovely to catch up, even if I was thrown by his beard!
#012 Sarah Heath
2021 Feb 081h 44m 33s
In this episode I chat with pioneering veterinary behaviourist Sarah Heath. I have known Sarah since we were both students at Bristol, and so this episode becomes quite  a personal one. We discus important influences and in particular the importance of educating both vets and owners. We also look to the future and what we feel are the priorities. Sarah is extremely candid about the impact of the health challenges she has faced - truly inspirational.
#013a Clive Wynne [Part 1]
2021 Feb 081h 1m 11s
My chat with Clive is divided into 2 parts. In part 1 we discuss animal cognition and his academic background, which gives him such a  refreshingly balanced perspective on things. Always knew Clive was a deep thinker, but did not appreciate he was so aware of some of the other methods for evaluating biological phenomena that cannot be so easily reduced to physical entities.  fascinating chat.
#013b Clive Wynne [Part 2]
2021 Feb 0854m 47s
In Part 2 of my chat with Clive, we talk about his book "Dog is Love". In this we share our views of the dog-human relationship and its origins, and point to some future directions for research. Fascinating and illuminating!
Karen Griffin and Daniel Mills on the potential wastage of resources in shelter assessments
2021 Jan 2725m 34s
I catch up with my former PhD student Karen Griffin, and discuss the first paper we produced from her PhD and its wider implications : Griffin, K. E., John, E., Pike, T., & Mills, D. S. (2020). Can this dog be rehomed to you? A qualitative analysis and assessment of the scientific quality of the potential adopter screening policies and procedures of rehoming organisations. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 7. You can access the paper here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2020.617525/full
#011 Jean Donaldson
2021 Jan 271h 54m 25s
This was such a blast! In this episode I get to catch up with my friend and world leading trainer Jean Donaldson, author of the pioneering text "the culture clash". We quickly get into our stride, and cover so much. Jean is quite a behaviourist, and her views about some of the more apparently  "cognitive"training methods are fasscinating and worth reflecting on. So much here.  Sorry if we talk too quickly!
#010 Pam Reid
2020 Dec 231h 47m 43s
#009 Ádám Miklósi
2020 Dec 231h 35m 40s
#008 Gary Landsberg
2020 Nov 171h 16m 6s