• James R Cole
26 episodes
Unbridled Emotions is a philosophical look at the world through this writer's eyes. My hopes in sharing my writings is to inspire others to open their minds, think about their inner feelings and emotions, and grow as creative thinkers. By expanding your thought process, one opens themselves up to healing through interpretation. Therefore, it's my opinion that, "The mind controls the body. If you control the mind... the possibilities are endless!"


Life has Layers
2021 May 074m 3s
All of our experiences help to define who we are, and who we can become.
2021 Apr 234m 40s
Every decision has an impact on you and the people around you.
It Starts with the First Step
2021 Apr 163m 12s
Thinking and putting the needs of others first for the betterment of man and woman kind
The Prism of Life
2021 Apr 093m 45s
The possibilities that road blocks bring
Beyond the Horizon
2021 Apr 023m 51s
The cables that connect across time
Unleash your mind
2021 Mar 264m 31s
Your thoughts are the most powerful keys to your future
The Scars of Mental Bullying
2021 Mar 193m 57s
This piece speaks to overcoming the negative affect one may experience as a result of being bullied.
The Torch Bearer's
2021 Mar 125m 44s
It is our mission to help others always.
Life by Design
2021 Mar 055m 4s
Every obstacle has a purpose, and makes you stronger for future challenges.
The Key is turned and the Lock is opened.
2021 Feb 263m 15s
Pay close attention to all the experiences surrounding you everyday.