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The Student Voice Podcast, run by OSTA-AECO, is a podcast for Ontario Student Trustees to discuss topical events and issues in Ontario Education. The Student Voice Podcast provides a platform for Ontario’s largest stakeholders in education to share their ideas and voice.


EP 07- Students' Discussion on the Impacts of COVID-19 : Part Two
2021 Mar 1218m 56s
This episode is a continuation of our discussion concerning the impacts of COVID-19 on our Ontario Education. We discuss the difference between online learning and in-person learning regarding our relationships with our teachers, the pacing of our courses, and the classroom setting. This is the final part for the topic of the Impacts of COVID-19. We appreciate and thank the guests who have joined us in this fruitful discussion.
EP 06- Students' Discussion on the Impacts of COVID-19 : Part One
2021 Feb 1823m 34s
The Students' Discussion would like to introduce our next topical discussion of this podcast series: the Impacts of COVID-19 on Ontario's education system. This episode is the first of two parts, where we introduce our guests who discuss remote learning, COVID protocols, and overall quality of education through e-learning. Stay tuned for Part Two.
EP 05- Students' Discussion on Systemic Racism - Part Two
2020 Nov 2935m 49s
In this episode, we are furthering our discussion on Systemic Racism in discussing the Ministry of Education's plan on helping to break down systemic barriers, and different recommendations that OSTA-AECO has to offer towards the ministry. This will be the final part of the topic of Systemic Racism on the Students' Discussion. We appreciate and thank the guests who have joined us for these episodes
EP 04 - Students' Discussion on Systemic Racism - Part One
2020 Nov 1627m 8s
OSTA-AECO is all about amplifying student voice, so the organization invites Students of all diverse thoughts and opinions to discuss and debate topical issues and events. In this episode, we invited interested students to participate in the discussion of Systemic Racism in Ontario's education. In part one, we introduce our guests who discuss representation in the educational system, equitable opportunities, and the comfort about speaking out about such issues. Stay tuned for Part Two.
EP 03 - OSTA-AECO's E-learning Survey
2019 May 226m 39s
In this episode of the Student Voice Podcast, OSTA-AECO announces its E-learning survey to gather student voice on their experience in virtual classrooms. Featuring Amal Qayum and hosted by Lindsey Keene, the two discuss the importance of gathering student voice on this survey.
EP 02.1 - The Students' Vision for Education Press Conference
2019 May 0622m 57s
On Monday, May 6, 2019, representatives from the Ontario Student Trustees Assocation (OSTA-AECO) held a press conference at Queen's Park to announce the release of "The Students' Vision for Education", a roadmap for their advocacy work moving forward. The 35 recommendations in the report are built around 6 Pillars:
EP 02 - A Vision for Education
2019 May 0614m 37s
On Monday, May 6, 2019 OSTA-AECO released a Vision Document that outlines a student vision for publicly-funded education in the province of Ontario. Extensive consultation with the public, including students across the province has led to a "full-fledged" vision document outlining the modern realities faced by students moving through the system today.
EP 01 Introducing OSTA-AECO
2019 Feb 1411m 45s
The first podcast is an introduction to OSTA-AECO; the organization, its history, and the job description of the student trustee. Featuring OSTA-AECO President Amal Qayum and hosted by Lindsey Keene.
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