Off with My Head
  • Vedamsha
7 episodes
vedzie loves to talk. And by talk I mean literally word vomit everything she has in that head of hers. Most of the time she's trying to figure out why she feels what she feels and usually ends up blaming it on her hormones. Her friends are getting sick of her 4 hours long FaceTime rant sessions and being her therapists every day. So here she is, ready to word vomit. With love, from my head to yours ;)


Spooky Tales of the Night
2020 Oct 2048m 55s
Picture this, 6 teenagers gather together on one October night and talk about the paranormal...................... the uneasy number of dots are to prepare you for what's next to come.
The Art School Episode
2020 Oct 0544m 30s
She finally did it! Amsha talks about what art school is like. She also shares about her perfectionistic ass of a brain, being a control freak and dealing with online school work while stressing the life out of herself ;)
Dumb Ways to Die (A Rant Session)
2020 Sep 2338m 54s
Today, Vedamsha talks about the dumb things people are doing right now. She also talks about being kinder to yourself during this time by giving you insight on how to get through this period, by staying sane at the same time (I got you).
The Memories We Make
2020 Sep 2020m 53s
As Amsha sat in her washroom at 1 in the morning, she felt the sudden urge to talk about the many corny thoughts that pass by her head ;) ;(
Seeking Validation and Other Harmful Drugs
2020 Sep 1626m 59s
In this episode, Vedamsha talks about all the drugs that she's subconsciously addicted to.
Friends, da buddy old pals ;)
2020 Sep 131h 11m 31s
We’re a chaotic mess. Meet vedzie’s friends! (yours too if you choose them to be) We answer your questions about friendships and you get to meet the cool kid I mentioned in my first episode! if y’all wanna know more about my kiddies, follow them on Instagram @prithvimuratee @nandini_79 @t.k.adithya
Fuelling our Insecurities
2020 Sep 0647m 2s
I understand, adults can be dumb and teenage boys are inconsiderate. vedzie’s finally started her own podcast! In this episode, she talks about her struggles with pimples and acne & dealing with other insecurities. She also talks about body image and what a facade of a platform Instagram is. She’s here to make you feel less alone when dealing with aspects of yourself that are hard to love and accept.
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