• Veronica Flores
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In a nutshell, i give my listeners an inside look on my way of thinking. Hopefully it will help at least one person out there. I am not a licensed professional whatsoever. I only speak from personal experience. Maybe my experiences may help one person out there. Either way, I'm on here to vent. I hope you enjoy and I hope I get you thinking in more than one way. Find peace within yourself and stay humble. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/veronica-flores8/support


Just Venting
2021 May 0723m 13s
Just letting out some frustrations.
Mental Health
2021 Mar 0723m 33s
Trying to make more awareness to mental health.
Be Better
2021 Jan 0617m 44s
Be a better human.
T'was a rant cut short
2021 Jan 0611m 57s
Just ranting
Love: About Marriage
2020 Jul 3022m 52s
I talk about my cereal theory and marriage.
Houston Radio Sux
2020 Jul 2516m 3s
And this episode I briefly talked about how much I hate Houston radio and why I hate it so much. I also talked about being a concert goer.
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