• Nick Lamar
7 episodes
PRKSDE Radio is a behind the scenes look through conversation, in to Nick Lamar's latest EP, PRKSDE. Nick invites the team who help bring PRKSDE to life to have a conversation and share stories of how this project came to be.


2021 Mar 1638m 20s
This week Nick sits with the creators and contributors of his latest release Stay.  Listen as their approach to collaboration and their favorite ballads of all time.
2020 Oct 2726m 30s
This week Nick sits with instrumentalist and featured artist, Hipiblvq & Detroit rapper, JordanL. Listen as they discuss the challenges of pursuing music independently, and how the song OFF the ROOF came to be.
2020 Oct 2033m 14s
This week Nick sits down with the producer, instrumentalist and featured artist on PRKSDE.  They discuss how the song came together and staying true to your word. Take a listen.
2020 Oct 1320m 34s
This week, Nick along with the Mix/Mastering engineer of PRKSDE and producer Quasi to dive deeper into PrettyWrds.
2020 Oct 0622m 47s
This week Nick sits down with the producers and co-writer of the most provocative track on PRKSDE, Comengetit. Guests share their creative process, inspirations, and dive into a discussion on what a "hook" is versus a "chorus". Is there a difference?
2020 Sep 2211m 49s
Nick Lamar breaks down the 2nd song from his EP, PRKSDE.
2020 Sep 1523m 12s
Nick Lamar sits with the team that helped create the lead single Casanova. Guests: Quasi, Ryan Mack, Taj W
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