Nubia Goddess Rising

Honest. Edgy. Nurturing. Lively. Humorous. Warm. Engaging. Informative. Renowned lecturer, metaphysical minister, author, storyteller, and musician Queen Mother IMAKHU brings her popular metaphysical lessons to podcasting. Queen Mother Imakhu's personal, nuts-and-bolts approach to teaching blends rich metaphysical wisdom and practices with her own multifaceted life lessons. African-centered veteran artist, activist, columnist, metaphysician, Kemetic Elder High Priestess, healer, Wise Woman, and multimedia producer, Queen Mother Imakhu is also the founder and CEO of AKERU Temple of the True Living Waters & AKERU MultiMedia. Queen Mother Imakhu is boldly teaching the world, "It's Time for a Nu Paradigm. Let Love Be Your Religion." Learn more about her teachings through her ebooks, "The Cowrie Blessings Book: Nu Afrakan Words of Wisdom," and "Unde

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