• Andy Fleming & Cam Smith.
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Examining, through an anti-fascist lens, ethno-nationalism, white supremacy and neo-fascism in so-called Australia, Aotearoa & around the world. Andy Fleming & Cam Smith talk to writers and fighters about angry blighters.


Matthew Remski on Conspirituality
2020 Oct 29
This week we speak to Matthew Remski, a cult dynamics researcher and one of the hosts of the Conspirituality podcast, about yoga, wellness & the far-Right.
Hannah Gais on Laundering White Nationalism
2020 Oct 22
This week we spoke to Hannah Gais, a journalist and senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, about how white nationalism is laundered into mainstream conservative discourse. And Russia!
Talia Lavin on Culture Warlords
2020 Oct 15
This week we spoke to Talia Lavin, the author of Culture Warlords, about her experience infiltrating the murky world of online extremism.
Annie Kelly on Conspiracy Mums
2020 Oct 08
This week we speak with Annie Kelly, an expert on digital cultures, anti-feminism & the far-Right, about British Qanon, conspiracy mums and doing your own research. Annie is the British correspondent for the highly-recommended Qanon Anonymous podcast.
Kelly Weill on Flat Earth, Qanon & Trump
2020 Oct 01
This week we spoke to Kelly Weill, a reporter for the Daily Beast, about the Flat Earth, Qanon, Trump and diverging electoral realities.
Dr Jason Wilson on fires & disinformation
2020 Sep 24
This week we were joined by regular correspondent Jason Wilson to discuss the Oregon wildfires and the bizarre right-wing disinformation campaign playing out around them.
Dr Joan Braune on Cultural Marxism, Bannon & Compassion
2020 Sep 17
This week we speak to Dr Joan Braune about her research into hate groups, Cultural Marxism, Steve Bannon, the CVE industry and much more.
Tom Tanuki on Aussie Q
2020 Sep 10
This week Tom Tanuki returns to Yeah Nah's underground bunker to tell us what he's found out about the Aussie version of Qanon & to have a bit of a yarn about the state of the anti-lockdown movement.
Shannon Foley Martinez on Leaving Hate
2020 Sep 03
This week we spoke to Shannon Foley Martinez (twitter), a former neo-Nazi, about her work helping people leave hate movements.
Sarah Hightower on Death Cults
2020 Aug 27
This week we spoke to Sarah Hightower, an independent researcher with an interest in cults & extremism, about Aum Shinrikyo and Qanon.