• innovatorchronicles
3 episodes
In this podcast, we look for inspiration from outside our business and explore how others innovate. We interview experts and start-up founders who've had the courage to go with the conviction of their ideas – sharing their experiences, personal journeys, industry views and visions of the future.


#3: Tehsheena Shams on building billion-dollar business ideas and defying gender bias
2020 Oct 2318m 7s
In our third podcast, David Rae talks to Dynamo founder Tehsheena Shams. We follow Tehsheena's journey from being one of only a few girls in engineering school in a small town in Pakistan to building a billion-dollar business idea during a global pandemic.
#2: Richard Browning on human flight, his first $650K VC and jet suit racing in Bermuda
2020 Sep 1417m 44s
Dubbed the "real-life Iron Man", Richard Browning has not only developed a 1000hp jet suit enabling human flight, but he's now working on launching a first-ever jet suit race series in Bermuda. From BP's oil trading business to delivering a Ted Talk and chatting to Elon Musk backstage about flying people to Mars, Richard has a personal journey worth sharing.
#1: Matt Smith on taking the leap from big corporate to founder & CEO of regtech startup
2020 Sep 1417m 7s
In the first podcast of this series, David Rae talks to Matt Smith, founder and CEO of SteelEye. We follow Matt's journey from a successful career spanning over 20 years in large corporates, to taking a huge leap and starting his own compliance technology and data analytics firm.