• Giovanni Gallegos
36 episodes
The thesis behind Social Medicine is: honest conversation as therapy. Each week, the host (Giovanni) will go over a single topic that he feels needs to be discussed, with the goal of expressing his opinions in as honest a conversation as possible. We have opinions about everything in life, and the menagerie of topics covered on this show will reflect that.


Social Medicine Episode 17 - Relationships Pt. 2
2020 Oct 2026m 2s
What role do trust and loyalty play in our relationships? What do trust and loyalty look like when in healthy relationships? I attempt to find answers to these and many more questions on this week's episode of Social Medicine.
Social Medicine Episode 16 - Furries
2020 Oct 0218m 6s
I talk about furries.
Social Medicine Episode 15 - 2017 Films
2020 Oct 0122m 59s
On this episode, I go over five of my favorite films from 2017.
Social Medicine Episode 14 - Tipping
2020 Sep 1826m 3s
Introducing Social Medicine Debates - a new sub-series wherein I introduce the opposing arguments for a given topic of debate. For this episode, I will go over arguments for and against tipping, as well as discussing my personal stance on the matter.
Social Medicine Episode 13 - Collecting
2020 Sep 1130m 56s
On this week's episode, I dissect the topic of collecting and look to answer why we do it, what the difference between collectors and hoarders is, and look into some of the weirdest collections out there, as well as going over some of my collecting habits.
Social Medicine Episode 12 - Video Games
2020 Sep 0426m 13s
This week, I go over my history with video games, give some recommendations, give my quick thoughts on this upcoming console generation, and go over some examples of sexual assault and pedophilia in the community that have been brought to light recently.
Social Medicine Episode 11 - Coronavirus Pt. 2
2020 Aug 2822m 6s
On the first episode of the new season, I talk about the politicization of this current pandemic, and the resulting debates regarding its severity and the use of masks.
Social Medicine Episode 10 - America
2020 Jul 1040m 35s
In the season one finale, I go over a few historical topics of interest and their connections to current discussions of race relations and voter suppression in America.
Social Medicine Episode 9 - Social Media
2020 Jul 0334m 55s
On the penultimate episode of the season, I discuss the good, bad, and ugly aspects of social media.