SERVED: Military Women's Stories
  • Melissa Ritz
7 episodes
Experiences of female military veterans in and out of uniform.


U.S. Army Veteran Melody Allen McBeth
2020 Oct 0558m 6s
Melody Allen McBeth, the Executive Director of the Defense Language Institute Foundation and business owner of Highland Advancement Solutions, shares her experiences of joining the Army at the end of the Vietnam War, becoming a Russian linguist, staying active with her military and DLI community, and providing opportunities as an entrepreneur.
U.S. Public Health Services Veteran Dr. Heather Silvio
2020 Sep 2842m 30s
Dr. Silvio shares her experiences of providing mental health services while deployed to Native American reservations, developing PTSD Treatment Programs for the VA in Las Vegas, and being the Deputy Director of the Council for a Strong America’s Police Training Institute, all while publishing 14 books and finding time to perform with her neighborhood community theatre.
U.S. Army WAC Veteran Sonja Reiss (92-years-young!)
2020 Sep 2018m 50s
Women's Army Corps veteran Sonja Reiss, born in 1928, shares her story of growing up in a bilingual household, being recruited as an officer for the newly formed WAC unit, experiencing integration and segregation in the south, her unexpected discharge from the military, and finding fulfillment out of uniform.
U.S. Air Force Veteran Kim Heng
2020 Sep 1526m 46s
Gulf War veteran Kim Heng shares her story of enlisting in the Air Force in her 20's, non-traditional deployments, balancing responsibilities at home and work, retiring overseas and continuing the call to serve military members and their families in Italy.
2020 Sep 071m 38s
A bit about me and why I thought the planet could use ANOTHER podcast!
U.S. Navy Veteran Karen Vasquez
2020 Sep 0723m 52s
Karen, a Persian Gulf War veteran, shares her experience of working in the beauty industry, the importance of health and safety regulations in the workplace, and her discovery of stand-up comedy as a means of education and healing.
U.S. Army Veteran Satinder Kaur
2020 Sep 0738m 49s
Iraqi War veteran Satinder Kaur shares her story of immigrating to the U.S. in middle school, enlisting in the Army just before 9/11, deploying to Iraq, returning to India to rediscover her roots, and sharing these experiences as a successful filmmaker in Los Angeles.