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Pat Gallo and Luigi Abaya - On “best”-friendship, Ilonggo clicks and cliques, leaving people behind, and pivoting through and after college.
2020 Sep 271h 35m 27s
Pat and Luj are some of my closest friends. Pat, who is currently in Ateneo law school, is one of the smartest and proactive people I know. Luj, who also has his own podcast (the Familyhood Podcast) and who currently works with Getcraft, is one of the most laidback but principled people I know. Both are great, great friends.
Nizza Regalado - On self-awareness and identity, imposter syndrome, Med Life Crisis during a pandemic, and baking
2020 Aug 231h 17m 40s
“Your playing small does not serve the world” | Nizza is many things. Co-owner of N&N Kitchen, writer, event host, soon-to-be YouTuber, and psych major now med student now clerk currently taking medicine in West Visayas State University. She’s your type-A  and grounded over-achiever.
Jaymes Shrimski - On the running habit, writing for the times, the economy under COVID, and whisky
2020 Aug 011h 11m 12s
“You’re all right” | Jaymes is a runner, writer, private banker at one of the largest banks in the Philippines, and he's one of the most widely-read people I know. His work has been featured in various publications, such as Esquire PH, Entrepreneur, FnB Report, Multi-sport, among others. Shrim is one of my closest friends; we’ve certainly had a fair share of going through good times and really crappy moments over the past half decade. It's been a crazy ride. Music by: pink (IG: @fuckinraisin)
Chef Miles Diez - On kitchen life lessons, taking naps, starting out, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu
2020 Jul 1251m
“Start that first minute.“ | Miles is the co-founder and chef at JD Burger Project, where he cooks up the best burgers in the city. He’s also a chef at Mestizo, a Spanish-Mexican-Filipino fusion restaurant in Iloilo City. I’ve known MIles since we were 3 years old and in the last 20 years, he’s a huge influence on how I see life and he’s taught me a lot about what it means to be a true friend.
Lance Salazar - On writing music, breaking the rules, Adler psychology, and Avatar
2020 Jun 301h 18m 48s
“Know the rules like a master, break the rules like an artist” - Lance’s college songwriting professor, Jim Paredes.
If COVID were gone tomorrow
2020 Jun 043m 7s
A few friends answer the question, "If COVID-19 were gone tomorrow, how would you spend it?"