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‘Sports Talk Analysis from the fan’s perspective.’ A lot of times you get your sports analysis from “experts” or from current or former professional athletes, but rarely from the fan or Average Joe. That has now changed with Momentum.


NFL Week 6 Recap and World Series Preview
2020 Oct 1956m 38s
In the episode we go over a crazy week in the NFL and a preview of the World Series matchup between the LA Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. With guests Tank Blackwell and Rahsaan Bowman
MLB NLCS/ALCS preview, NCAA Football, NFL Pick Em
2020 Oct 1754m 19s
In this episode, we dive into and breakdown potential series clinching games between the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves and between the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays. Also we cover the college football this Saturday and what we think will during Week...
Le'Veon Bell to the Chiefs, Ty Lue Head Coach and Week 6 NFL Preview
2020 Oct 161h 18m 23s
In this episode we dive in to the the news of Le'Veon Bell signing with the Chiefs and what it does for Kansas City's offense. As well as Ty Lue hired as the new head coach of the LA Clippers and fantastic week ahead for the NFL.
LA Lakers 2020 NBA Champions and Week 5 NFL Recap
2020 Oct 1258m 52s
In this episode we recap an interesting week in the NFL and the NBA Finals and the legacy  of LeBron James and the Lakers.
NFL Week 4 Recap and NBA Finals Game 4 Preview LAL vs MIA
2020 Oct 0650m 29s
In this episode, we dive in to a crazy high scoring week in the NFL with crazy finishes. We also take a look ahead at an very important Game 4 between the Lakers and Heat and what each team needs to do to be victorious tonight.
NBA Finals Game 1 Recap and NFL Cooler Talk
2020 Oct 011h 6m 44s
In this episode, we discuss the Game 1 matchup between the Heat and Lakers and what Miami needs to do in order to nod the series up. We also dive into COVID in the NFL and how the league is handling it as well as what players and teams have the most to...
NBA Finals Preview - LA Lakers vs Miami Heat and NFL Week 3 Recap
2020 Sep 291h 11m 6s
In this episode, we discuss the NBA Finals matchup between the Lakers and Heat and go over and review an interesting Week 3 in the NFL with my special guests Wayne Washington and "Tank" Blackwell.
Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 3 Recap & NFL Week 2 Review
2020 Sep 2355m 50s
In this episode, my special guest Wayne Washington and I recap the game between the LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets and review an action packed Week 2 around the NFL with many injuries and questions for many teams around the league.
NFL Week 2 Rundown
2020 Sep 191h 49m 36s
In this episode, we talk about the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Cincinnati  Bengals and the Cleveland Browns and we give a rundown of the Week 2 games with my special guests John Thibideau and Wayne Washington.
NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Rundown
2020 Sep 181h 8m 46s
In this episode, my brother Kehinde and I talk about the remaining 4 teams left in the playoffs and who we predict will win. Also, we discuss the All-NBA selections, Giannis Antetokounmpo winning his 2nd consecutive MVP Award, and the Los Angeles...