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A 45 minute podcast hosted by Pastor Parker Zimmerman and Stephen Walker that is posted every Tuesday morning. Carve out the time to join us in a deeper dive into the previous Sunday's sermon text and theme, explore challenging life-application pieces, and hear from other voices in the church and community.


Episode 10: Courageous - Moses and the Rock
2020 Oct 2050m 35s
Stephen and Parker take a closer look at Numbers 20 and Matthew 26, and explore what makes a courageous leader. Topics covered include: Did the punishment for Moses fit the crime? Stephen's fat dog. Scripture is a many-sided gem, or an onion. God's presence before there was a Bible. Unnecessary commentary on Venn diagrams. What scares us - haunted houses, death, and public restrooms. What is really behind fear? What is true courage? We are all leaders in some arena. Similarities in our stories | Required Listening: Promises by Maverick City Music
Episode 9: Courageous - Daniel in Babylon
2020 Oct 1353m 59s
Stephen and Parker are joined by their first ever guest, Rev. Whitney Peper, to unpack her sermon on the courage of Daniel. Topics covered include: Dare to be a Daniel. Courage and faith are active. Whitney sure loves the word Courage. Exile wasn't a walk in the park. The Lion King rules. What does it mean to give things over to God? Acting from your scars instead of your wounds (coined by Whitney Peper). Is God everything? How do we experience oppression and persecution? Overt acts of courage versus daily courage. || Required Reading: You Don't Have to Be Wrong For Me to Be Right by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield || Required Listening: So Will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong UNITED
Episode 8: Philippians Part IV (Philippians Chapter 4)
2020 Oct 0653m 23s
Stephen and Parker wrap up the Philippians sermon series. Topics covered include: Philippians' context and content, in a nutshell. Paul's preaching and presence. I hope the Lord doesn't call us to be tentmakers. Lettering for riding the bus and perfect attendance. Did Stephen ever get a letter jacket? Stephen and Parker are great parents, just look at our kids. Spiritual moms and dads. What's behind the joy? Philippians v. Romans. Commands in Philippians. Two women get called out. Scripture is not just to be ingested intellectually. Press on. Check out Pat Barrett's song "Better".
Episode 7: Philippians Part III (Philippians Chapter 3)
2020 Sep 2959m 2s
Stephen and Parker discuss the third chapter of Paul's letter to the Philippians. Topics covered include: Does Paul not like dogs? Who's going to wear a three piece suit to church? What things do we count as "gain" apart from Christ? Reading Philippians like a letter. According to Paul, who is Jesus? I don't actually have to suffer as a Christian, do I? A diorama-like faith. Our life in columns. Who can we imitate as followers of Christ? Who imitates us? Citizens of Heaven, in both allegiance and responsibilities.
Episode 6: Philippians Part II (Philippians Chapter 2)
2020 Sep 2252m 15s
Stephen and Parker focus on the second chapter of Paul's letter to the Philippians. Topics covered include: What does it mean to be "of one mind"? Did Paul know about the Trinity? The Bible sometimes quotes the Bible. Why is it important that Paul talks about the cross? How are we supposed to be united in a crisis? Are murmuring and arguing really that big of a deal? Why does "putting the cross in the center of our crisis" matter? An example of a relationship saved, despite a Facebook argument. A challenge to make things right.
Episode 5: Philippians Part I (Philippians Chapter 1)
2020 Sep 1547m 43s
Stephen and Parker kick off the new series on Paul's Letter to the Philippians, looking at Chapter 1. Topics covered include: Who were the Philippians, who was Paul, and why should I care? Some Bible verses can be "flowery." Why it's important that Paul wrote this from prison. Unity and holiness. They don't use "y'all" in the Bible, but maybe they should. What does Paul mean when he says love, knowledge, and wisdom? Crisis reveals our character as individuals, and as a community. How do we discern what is best?
Episode 4: Be Perfect (Matthew 5:48)
2020 Sep 0854m 17s
Stephen and Parker discuss the standalone sermon "Be Perfect". Topics covered include: Why did we pick this text? What does the Church have to do with us being perfect? Our tendencies to judge others, and to pick the paths that lead to cliffs. What does it mean to have enemies as a Christian? What does it mean to not have enemies? What's the "perfect" definition of being perfect? Should I be in a Grow Group? A major next step for those who are already plugged in.
Episode 3: Walk Humbly With Your God (Micah 6:8)
2020 Sep 0156m 27s
Stephen and Parker discuss the sermon “Walk Humbly With Your God" to conclude the series What Does The Lord Require? Topics covered include: Why focus in on one part of a sentence in the Old Testament? Is Micah 6:8 all about following some rules, or something more? Parker reminiscing about the "Hebros". Stephen's top two verses. Spiritual mentors who have discipled us. What is the Church at its best? What is the Church at its worse? How do we walk in step with the Spirit? How did Israel try to appease God?
Episode 2: Love Kindness (Micah 6:8)
2020 Aug 2554m 27s
Stephen and Parker discuss the sermon “Love Kindness” from the series What Does The Lord Require? Topics covered include: Examples of God’s Purpose, Promise, and Presence in Scripture. Are short-term mission trips considered kindness? How do I know if I’m growing in kindness? What’s the deal with “Cause Culture”? Three steps you can take this week to love kindness. Some of theexciting things store for the Element in Fall 2020.
Episode 1: Do Justice (Micah 6:8)
2020 Aug 1950m 39s
This week, we are looking at Micah 6:8 and exploring what God has to say about Justice as compared to the sense of Justice we find in our culture. Most importantly, we take a deep look into what we as believers are called to do in light of God's heart for Justice.