• Jorge Sanchez
19 episodes
This podcast was started during the COVID pandemic of 2020 as a way to maintain your health at a distance. In this podcast I take questions and focus on health items that you care about. All in an effort to take care of yourself during these trying times.


How to get kids to eat healthy
2020 Oct 2357m 35s
As parents, have you ever had a hard time getting your kids to eat vegetables? I interview my wife on how we do our best with our kids in helping them make good food choices.
Fatigue. Why am I so tired?
2020 Oct 1645m 27s
Its difficulty to know why exactly someone is tired all the time but there are some basic testing that should be done. Also, there are some good habbits that can help provide you with the energy you need.
Using spit for COVID testing?
2020 Oct 0937m 16s
Lets talk about the diferent types of COVID testing and which one is the best.
Back Pain is a Pain
2020 Oct 0253m 46s
I discuss what causes back pain and what can be done to help along with American polices that have caused our pain crisis.
How much protein do I need?
2020 Sep 2543m 59s
I have a love-hate relationship with protein as there is so much misinformation out there on the topic. I talk about how not all protein are created equal, how much do you need, and which source of protein are good and which are bad. Download the medici app to send me questions:
I have COVID. Now What?
2020 Sep 2135m 30s
Here are some tips if you were diagnosed with COVID.
Lost my insurance
2020 Sep 1516m 19s
What to do if you are about to lose your health insurance? I hope this never happens but if it does then here are some tips you should consider.
All About Fiber
2020 Sep 1222m 7s
Learn about the benefits of eating dietary fiber and which one is the best. If you call a super food something that lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer then put fiber up there as a super food.
Colorectal cancer prevention
2020 Sep 0737m 52s
With the death of Chadwick Boseman there has been a worry about colon cancer. You can greatly reduce your chance of dying from colon cancer by diet, exercise, and screening. I talk about how on this episode of Ask A Doc Podcast.
Kids and Covid
2020 Aug 2540m 35s
What are the symptoms of COVID in children? Which kids will be ok and which kids are at risk? I go over this and more on Ask a Doc Podcast.