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Welcome to The Stoop! A podcast where you may never know who is going to stop by or what we are going to talk about! Just make sure that you get home before those street lights come on!


The Stoop - "Beyonce's Lion King & A Superhero Blind Fight"
2019 Jul 1730m 57s
Antoine Terrell welcome Lee and BG to The Stoop today! In this episode we discuss the new trend of Disney live-action remakes, including the new Lion King movie (0:28), and then we have a blind fight where we argue who has the worst superpowers between Wolverine, Spiderman, and Batman (17:19)
#1GottaGo w/ Weird Al Yankovic
2019 Jun 173m 14s
On a special episode of #1GottaGo, Weird Al plays #1GottaGo with Antoine Terrell. Enjoy!
#1GottaGo - Home Alone 2 vs. Terminator 2 vs. Sister Act 2 vs. Dark Knight
2019 May 3118m
Antoine Terrell and his friends play another round of 1GottaGo. Which one would you get rid of: Home Alone 2 vs. Terminator 2 vs. Sister Act 2 vs. Dark Knight?
2019 May 2339m 51s
Antoine Terrell with his crew dive into the final episode of Game of Thrones! How do you feel about it? Is CGI important? Bronn had the best come-up??
1GottaGo - R&B Male Groups
2019 May 2010m 1s
Who has to go: Boyz 2 Men vs. New Edition vs. Jackson 5 vs. Dru Hill
Episode 5 - Game of Thrones "Dany is CRAZY crazy"
2019 May 1735m 44s
Antoine Terrell and his crew breakdown episode 5 of Game of Thrones. They discuss Arya running scared, bells ringing, and Dany losing her mind.
#1GottaGo - Will Smith vs. Denzel Washington vs. Samuel L. Jackson vs. Morgan Freeman
2019 May 147m 3s
One of these actors have to disappear forever. Who would you get rid of?
Game of Thrones - Episode 4 "Dany Is Big Mad"
2019 May 1135m 20s
Listen to Antoine Terrell and his crew review the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. Dany had to watch her friend die right in front of her...we expect her to be mad-mad.
Game of Thrones - Episode 3 "The Boring Night" Review
2019 May 0439m 6s
Antoine Terrell and the Review crew discuss episode 3 of Game of Thrones. This episode was titled "The Long Night", but it should be titled "The Boring Night"....sigh
BONUS EPISODE - #1GottaGo: Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey vs. Aretha Franklin vs. Beyonce
2019 May 025m 57s
Antoine Terrell gives Lee and Alicia four female musicians and they must get rid of the discography of one of them: Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey vs. Aretha Franklin vs. Beyonce.