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Let’s talk about social media content. What it’s for, who sees it and how to get the most value out of the content you post. Every platform, all content styles that will help your business create attention and grow.


Facebook ads - back to interruption advertising
2019 Jul 225m 22s
You want to reach new customers and a wider audience, so you start to use Facebook ads. However they should not be looked at in the same way you would your normal post. They need to be much more direct and thoughtful to your target customer.
Content packages. Why they make things so easy.
2019 Jul 084m 16s
Having enough content to post across your digital media can be hard! Content packages make sure you have a bulk load of content that is professional and on brand. Plus, re purposeable whenever you need!
I listened to a podcast, then bought a pair of Toms...
2019 May 234m 29s
Completely unconsciously I was convinced into buying my first pair of Toms after listening to a podcast featuring owner - Blake. Hearing his story and how he lives the values of his business ensured I justified a pair of shoes over anything else. Human connection at its finest!
The power of fresh eyes
2019 May 073m 8s
In house experts are awesome and keep the business moving. However you may not be able to afford them or they run out of ideas. This is where fresh eyes from an outside expert can be so very helpful. They can see your business in a different way and help you better understand your audience.
And, But and Therefore
2019 Apr 162m 37s
Knowing your story and getting it across to your audience is a huge benefit to your business. But it can be tough to get write. However, using this simple method can make your story flow a lot faster.
SMMW 2019 keynote wrap up!
2019 Mar 296m 45s
A quick review of speakers Mari smith and mark Schaefer from this years conference. Such a great source of information for all things social.
Building trust as a service based business.
2019 Feb 134m 51s
Your clients may be more focused on your values than your price point. Trust has become the most important commodity for a business. Are you aligning yourself to an audience that will trust you?
From content, to Good Content.
2019 Feb 041m 16s
Here are my tips for ensuring your content is GOOD content.
Podcasting for starters
2019 Feb 011m 22s
Simplifying podcasting - how to get started as easily as possible.
Social changes for 2019.
2019 Jan 301m 23s
What do the social changes mean for how you market your business? Mark McCrindles article gives great insight.