Americas Black Momma, The Podcast
  • Elonda Styles
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If you think mommas are fierce, have you ever met a black mother? She not only affects how a man or woman turns out but an entire community. From their catch phrases that stick overtime to their most times UNWANTED advice with lots of sass, they’re know-how and guidance becomes engraved in the subconscious mind and utilized in making every DAMN decision ever. With the first half of 2020 going up in smoke, its clear that the people put in place to run our country have failed the people in more ways than one, causing the world to lose THEIR DAMN MINDS! Which has allowed me to conclude……AMERICA, YOU NEED A BLACK MOMMA!


BLACK MOMMA is “Stepping into She” with Courtnie Thomas
2020 Oct 2159m 44s
This episode is a feature episode where Elonda was interviewed  on the  IGTV "Stepping Into She -  Becoming" Series with NJ Blogger Courtnie Thomas. We discuss America’s Black Momma, her evolution, her journey of becoming, and ways she has "Stepped into She" throughout her journey. She gives advice and motivation for how you can too.
Would You Rather The Truth Or The Lie
2020 Oct 1447m 15s
Would You Rather the Truth or The Lie?
Does the Phrase "It Is What it Is" Count Now?- KARMA IS THAT YOU Girl
2020 Oct 0747m 52s
The Gift that Keeps On Giving has TAKEN OVER the White House and broken the barrier and striking the so called LEADER of the Free World and his enablers. Sad thing is, we all knew this was coming!  Black Momma discusses the details of how COVID walked through the front door of the White House and slapped all they ass in the face, who has it, and the Importance of This Election, wearing your damn mask and Getting Out and making sure we do what we got to do come November 3rd. What we do now will affect decades and centuries to come!
Grace and Grief for Black Women and Getting Rid of 45 with Jessica Hurley
2020 Sep 291h 19m 16s
In this podcast, Elonda talks with Jessica Hurley about the power of podcasting and about the rights of the black community. There’s a reason for everything that is happening, we have to educate ourselves and we have to be knowledgeable because sometimes we’re too nice. Especially during these times, you need to speak your truth and make your voice heard! Be resilient, be educated, and remember God is preparing something for you.
Motivated During Hard Times
2020 Sep 2348m 25s
How do you keep your gas tank full? We are all dealing with hard times in 2020 whether its past or present, so Momma is giving you the motivational boost you need to get up and get going and showing you how she keeps herself motivated and inspired. You definitely don't want to miss this one!!
Trump Lied So People DIED
2020 Sep 1642m 5s
When COACH becomes the CHEERLEADER: The 45th president of this country has literally LIED and KILLED 190,000 and counting people of this Country…YES TRUMP SUPPORTERS that includes YOU!! This episode talks about 45 privately telling a journalist one thing behind closed doors (in 10 recorded Interviews) and CONFUSING the hell out of the American People publicly for Months about COVID-19 ultimately causing the deaths of 190,000 people. If you can’t trust your damn president to tell you the truth then who the hell can you trust? Mama breaks it down to you and point out a few of his enablers in the process people like Lindsey Graham senator of SC & and Mitch McConnell senator of Kentucky have enabled him for 4 years. Listen to how 45 and his minions have turned this ELECTION into a LIFE or DEATH SITUATION!!
Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman's Lessons On Life
2020 Sep 0635m 42s
This Episode discusses the passing of South Carolina Native Chadwick Boseman AKA Mr Black Panther. His untimely death was another hit to the African American Community as he meant so much to so many people. Him not disclosing his 5 year battle with cancer to fans or people he's worked along side with, gave a different perspective and should indeed teach a few life lessons best discussed with Black Momma. So let's sit down and talk about it together.
The Evolution of Becoming HER
2020 Sep 0632m 38s
This episode discusses the process of evolving and shifting into the person you are becoming . I'm sharing one of my personal experiences with evolving and ways to overcome this transition. You'll learn all about why failures are necessary in order to grow, power in prayer, ignoring negativity, self-evaluation, and leaving the person you were to level up.
Momma's Thoughts on VP Pick, Kamala Harris
2020 Sep 0638m 56s
Is anyone worse than Trump? Listen to the full episode to get Momma's opinion on this. In this episode, Elonda will be discussing a debate she had with one of her friends from around the way regarding the Vice Presidential Choice being Kamala Harris. They get real with things to consider, registering to vote, what changes the country needs, and what needs to be done.
The Most Disrespected Person In America
2020 Sep 0641m 28s
Who is the most disrespected person in America?